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2015 World Roller Artistic Skating Championships: the enchanting Pairs in Cali!

2015 World Roller Artistic Skating Championships: the enchanting Pairs in Cali!

The 2015 World Roller Artistic Skating Championships offered such a high level! The athletes enchanted Cali with their performances in the Junior and Senior Pairs competitions...



Without any doubt, the level reached today was unforeseen in both categories and confirmed Italy as the leading Nation in the discipline.

Juniors: Spain got third

In the Junior competition, the two Italian pairs, Peruch/Genchi and Torre/Aggio, challenged each others for the first position in the ranking, whilst the Spanish pair, Panero Romeno/Vaquero Pajeres, with a good performance, got the third placement.

Seniors: Italy rules!

In the Senior category, it was just an Italian affair: in the Long Programme, the defending Champions Marco Garelli and Elena Lago should try to recoup over Luca Lucaroni and Rebecca Tarlazzi who performed today without any uncertainty or flaw. A very good level performance let Matteo Rizzo and Sharon Giannini gain the third placement.


Tomorrow the competitions will start with the Final Groups of the Junior Ladies Long Programme at 4.30 pm, followed by the Junior Men. Then it will be the turn of the Pairs and their Long Programmes. The schedule will end with the first Group competition: The Precision Groups.
All the competitions will be live covered on FIRS Tv.


Main results

Ranking after the Junior Pairs Short Programme

  1. Alberto Peruch / Isabella Genchi - ITA
  2. Francesco Torre / Chiara Aggio - ITA
  3. Marc Panero Romeno / Berta Vaquero Pajeres - ESP

Ranking after the Senior Pairs Short Programme

  1. Luca Lucaroni / Rebecca Tarlazzi - ITA
  2. Marco Garelli / Elena Lago - ITA
  3. Matteo Rizzo / Sharon Giannini - ITA



Pictures: Raniero Corbeletti 
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