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2015 Skating Marathon of Berlin: The edition of superlatives

2015 Skating Marathon of Berlin: The edition of superlatives

Once more, the Skating Marathon of Berlin broke all records: the greatest number of participants in the world with 5.585 skaters at the start, and a cannonball time of 56'48 on the finish line by Bart Swing, who won his 3rd edition in a row...


A Belgian double

A few weeks ago, we published an article on the history of the skating marathon of Berlin, the most popular skating race in the world. Since its creation in 1997, the skating marathon of Berlin has gathered over 5.000 skaters per year. With its 5.585 registered skaters, the 2015 edition shows a stabilization of attendance numbers.

Senior Men's: A third victory for Bart Swings

The weather is particularly mild on the start line. The elite wave takes its start at 3:30pm, before the other waves of skaters. Skaters are so many that the organization had to implement this wave system in 2001 to avoid saturation.

Soon the pack stretches. Bart Swings breaks away, with Gary 'Big' Hekman (Team Van Werven), the giant Dutch, and Spanish Paxti Peula in his stream. The three men skate together for a while before Bart gives another boost and leaves them high and dry. Here he goes again for one of those long-distance breakaway of which he holds the secret. Let's note that the three men skate with 3x125 mm set-ups, there is no difference in terms of equipment. Bart just has an extraordinary endurance. So extraordinary that the Belgian crosses the finish line over 3 minutes before his followers. Gary Hekman wins the sprint in front of Paxti Peula.

It takes two more minutes for the pack to show up and pass the Brandenburg Gate. The sprint of the pack is won by Dutch Ingmar Berga, who is also an ice skater, just in front of the first French, Elton de Souza.

As for Bart Swing again, it is his 3rd solo victory on the skating marathon of Berlin. It is also the 3rd time that he breaks his own record on that distance. With a record time of 56'48, the level rises! Would Bart be unbeatable in the streets of the German capital? We may start to believe it! Nobody seems to be able to keep his pace on the long run. He had the same sharpness of attack in the 2015 skating marathon of Dijon.

Senior Women's: A newcomer on the higher step

In the Women's category, Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter) tries to break away without success. But her Dutch team mate, the seven-time European champion Manon Kamminga succeeds, with Belgian Sandrine Tas (Powerslide XL Tulips) on her heels. The two women fight during a long sprint from the Brandenburg Gate to the finish line. Sandrine Tas, faster, takes the first place. The victory still goes to Powerslide, with a full top-3 for the brand in the women's.

Marathon roller de Berlin 2015

Main results

Men's marathon



1Swings, BartBELPowerslide/Matter racing0:56:49
2Hekman, GaryNEDTeam van Werven1:00:03
3Peula, PaxtiESPEl Pilar Marianistas1:00:03
4Berga, IngmarNEDNational Team Netherlands1:02:00
5de Souza, EltonFRARPM Poli1:02:00
6Smit, RickNEDTeam van Werven1:02:01
7Rijhnen, FelixGERPowerslide/Matter racing1:02:38
8Bastidas, AlexanderVENCaracas Skaters1:02:38
9Ariens, CrispijnNEDTeam van Werven1:02:38
10Horsten, MarkNEDVV Speedskating1:02:39
11Hecht, TobiasGERPS TAX Racing Team1:02:39
12Post, RobertNEDNational Team Netherlands1:02:40
13Swings, MaartenBELPowerslide/Matter racing1:02:56
14Wenger, LivioSUIPowerslide/Matter racing1:03:11
15Sibiet, TimBELChauvin Amoux Racing Team1:03:13
16Spruyt, FerreBELPowerslide/Matter racing1:03:14
17Michael, PeterNZLPowerslide/Matter racing1:03:17
18Bugari, RiccardoITAAsd Pattinatori Sambenede...1:03:17
19Højer, MikkelDENPS TAX Racing Team1:03:18
20Schmidt, Stefan DueDENMaple Team1:03:18

Women's marathon



1Tas, SandrineBELXL Tulips Powerslide1:09:20
2Kamminga, ManonNEDPowerslide/Matter racing1:09:21
3Rumpus, KatharinaNEDPowerslide/Matter racing1:09:48
4Roosenboom, BiancaNEDTeam Sprog1:09:48
5Ulbrich, KatjaGERTs Bayreuth1:09:48
6Berg, SabineGERPowerslide/Matter racing1:09:48
7Posada Guerra, SheilaESPClub Pat N Pelayo1:10:57
8Strüver, TinaGERCustom-Sport Team / Turbi...1:10:57
9Nuno, NereaESPAsociacion Deportiva Astu...1:10:57
10Rigas, ElenaDENArma Arena Geisingen team1:10:57
11Faber Arbeloa, AmaiaESP 1:10:57
12Schimek, LaethisiaGERPowerslide/Matter racing1:10:57
13Lorenzato, LauraITAX-Tech/Alessi1:10:57
14Schouten, KellyNEDTeam Sprog1:10:57
15Webb, SophieUSAbont Skates1:10:57
16Hofmann, JosieGERArma Arena Geisingen Team1:10:58
17van Bentum, JessicaNZLArma Arena Geisingen Team1:10:58
18Fituch, MalwinaPOLUks Orlica1:10:59
19Henneken, Claudia MariaGERCustom-Sport Team / SSC K...1:10:59
20Rondina, SaraITADI Body Powerslide Italie...1:11:00


Our page on the 2015 skating marathon of Berlin

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Photos: organization 
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