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The challenge of Rocío Ailen Ramon in Spain (after Noisy-le-Grand)

The challenge of Rocío Ailen Ramon in Spain (after Noisy-le-Grand)

Rocío Ailen Ramon will play in OK Liga in 2015-2016. The attacker formed in Palmira, Argentina has joined CP Alcorcón...



Rocío Ailén RamonHere is the english version of an article from Gustavo Privitera that appeared October 14th on the website diario.com.at.

"I want to thank my whole family who gives me the strength to go forward, my boyfriend Agustin that supports me, my friends, and last but not least, the Gohet family who helped me a lot during my stay in France" declared nostalgically Rocío Ailen Ramon, the rink hockey attacker from Palmira who has just arrived in CP Alcorcón in Spain.

The hockey player had already played in Europe, at Noisy-le-Grand in France. "I will play in OK Liga, and if we are part of the first 8 teams, we will be qualified for the 'Copa de la Reina' " said "Piojo", who was champion in the province of Mendoza in Argentina with her club Andes Talleras, and vice-champion of the national tournament with her club Murialdo.

"Piojo" started at the age of 5, in Palmira where she played for 10 years. She then stayed 5 years with the club of Talleres. In 2014, she left for Murialdo, and then for France during the month of October, where she played in the 2014-2015 season.
She was part of the National preselection.

Hi Rocío, why did you choose rink-hockey?

I started thanks to my brother who was playing rink hockey, and to follow him, I started playing.

You already went to France, but it's quite hard to leave your family behind...

It's really hard to leave your family and boyfriend behind. I took the decision to go to France and acquire more experience in this amazing sport to continue learning.

How did this opportunity present itself?

It happened because the club wanted to be part of the qualification for the European Cup, their goalie solicited me.

Who received you when you were there?

The trainer received me in the morning, and the president in the afternoon.

Where were you the most comfortable? In Palmira, Talleres or Murialdo?

Palmira being the club from the city I was born, I would go back to help as much as possible. Talleres gave me everything and I gained a lot of experience there, I am very grateful that they welcomed me. Murialdo is formed by exceptional people and a very large team.

Her Profile

Rocío Ailen is an attacker for CP Alcorcón.
She was born on August 12, 1992 in Palmira
Studies: 2nd year of History Education
In a relationship with Agustin Zangrandi

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