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MPC PM XT-02 speed skating wheel test

MPC PM XT-02 speed skating wheel test

We got hold of a set of MPC PM XT-02 110 mm speed skating wheels. This speed skating model is made by the American company MPC, in collaboration with X-Tech. Here are our impressions...


Test Bench


Test MPC MP XT-02 skate wheelsThe MP XT-02 PM was developed in close collaboration with New-Zealander world champion Peter Michael (now sponsored by Powerslide Matter)... Hence the initials "PM". The wheels' core comes from X-Tech and the on-core is made in the US by MPC.

The XT-02 is intended for the track as much as the road. We saw this model on other international skaters like Italian Alberto Putignano and Matteo Melis, who won a title in speed skating at the 2013 European Championship.


This speed skating wheel is in the direct line of the MPC Road War with a 9-spoke helicoid core, so caracteristic of MPC, and a bi-density on-core.

The main difference with a classic MPC wheel is the diameter, which is slightly inferior to the X-Tech core: 70 mm vs 72 mm for a MPC Black Widow for exemple. Therefore, the wheel has a bit more on-core material.

Weighing 149 grams, the MPC XT-02 is within average of 110 mm speed skating wheels.

We measured the hardness of the XT-02 at 85A. The manufacturer's site indicates 86A, we are within range!


Overall very neat, no material chipping around the core or the on-core. We noticed 1 or 2 little bubbles per wheel but it is really normal. The joint surface is well noticeable.


The rebound test is conclusive, the wheel rapidly comes back to the right height. It restores the energy properly.

Test Protocole

We mistreated the MPC ST-02 with a dozen km per day for a month on various grounds, dry and wet, mostly on the road and on bicycle paths. Overall, we traveled around 200 km with this test set.


Inserting the bearings was effortless. Simply push them in with the tip of your fingers, no tools necessary.


After skating with a large-core wheel, we are impressed with the comfort improvement. We feel much less vibrations. One could think that it would impair the rolling, but not at all.


The gliding sensation is really good: You don't have the feeling that you constantly have to skate to compensate with the lack of rolling. The wheel has a good inertia, that we can capitalize on with wider strides to maintain or gain speed.


The grip was excellent the first 100 km, and slightly degraded afterwards, mostly at the end of strides. On wet grounds, the grip is average to good, we didn't feel a big slip-up.

Wear and tear

Wearing down the speed skating MPC MP XT-02 wheel was very slow! The parting line is still on the surface even after 200 km. Despite many T stops and a few slips (thanks to emergency stops in the city), the sides barely changed. The deterioration of the surface was very even, not a single crack. We should keep the XT-02s for a while...

Sensations with use

We recently tested the MPC Black Widow and the sensations are totally different. A way slower and regular wear and a much better rolling. The MPC XT-02 performs well on smooth surfaces, where it has the best grip. It is a bit slippery at the end of strides on more damaged grounds. It is very pleasant to skate on asphalt thanks to the thickness of the on-core. The glide is even while skidding, it doesn't slip.


We were pleasantly surprised with the MPC XT-02, it offers a very good rolling and a slow wear that will delight skaters looking for speed skating wheels that last. It is not very widespread in specialized shops, it seems to be a discontinued model, so you might find them at 16 € per wheel...

Test MPC MP XT-02 skate wheels

Pros and Cons


+ rolling
+ slow wear
+ comfort


- lack of grip at the end of strides
- not widespread in shops

Technical sheet

Brand: MPC/ T-Tech
Model: PM XT-02
Year: 2013
Manufacturing: US
Hardness: 86A for the external PU (bi-density)
Total diameter: 110 mm
Core diameter: 70 mm
Weight: 149 grams
Width: 24 mm
Bearings: 608 or 688 with adapters
Public price: old price: 25 €/ unit - discontinued 16 €/unit.
Recommended use: Speed skating practice and competition, on track or road.

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Tested by Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Alfathor 
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