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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating: 2nd Day on Road - Long Distance Races

2015 Worlds of Speed Skating: 2nd Day on Road - Long Distance Races

Same formats, but in reverse order for this second day of competition on road at the 2015 worlds of speed skating. This time it's the juniors' turn to skate the elimination race and the seniors' to skate the point/elimination race...


Long distance races

Seniors dames

Junior Women's Elimination Race

The junior women are going for 20 km. Australia is the first to be eliminated. At the front, the Americans have taken control of the race to avoid elimination. The pack stays tight most of the race. Eliminations follow one another without a single breakaway.
In the final sprint, the two Colombians Luz Karime Garzon and Karen Bermudez are battling with Korean Jeong Goeun and Venezuelan Julie Alvarez. Colombia wins once again, with Karen Bermudez in front of her team mate Karime Luz Garzon. Korean Jeong Goeun completes the podium.

Junior Men's Elimination Race

The thee Colombian skaters quickly take the lead. Then the Americans get in front too. They regularly switch position to limit the risks of elimination. They will both finish around the 10th place.

In the straight lines, several packs skate in a front line. France and Chinese Taipei sneak their way to the front. 18 laps from the arrival, we witness a triple fall that involves a Japanese, a Colombian and a Spanish skater. No one manages to keep control over the others, things get scrappy: two Colombians and one Dutch skater foul out.

10 laps from the arrival, the USA are in the lead with France in their stream, followed by Italians Duccio Marsilo and Daniel Niero. Quentin Giraudeau (FRA) speeds up the pace. The Italians pass him again, solo skaters have a hard time in this race! 3 laps from the finish line, Venezuelan skater Sébastian Paredes places himself just behind the Italians, ready to make a move. Last elimination: Italian Duccio Marsili pays the price. It's the beginning of a war position between Chinese Taipei and Venezuela. Sébastien Paredes is disqualified after 3 warnings, missing the opportunity to get a medal. Daniel Niero (ITA) wins the title for Italy, in front of Quentin Giraudeau (FRA) Tai Wei Lin (TPE).

Seniors hommes

Senior Women's Point Race

It's raining cats and dogs for the senior women's point race, reminding us of Italy in 2012 and the unforgettable road of San Benedetto del Tronto.
Conditions are such that the pack splits into several small groups when a group of three skaters, formed by Korean Yu Ga Ram, French Clémence Halbout and Chinese Taipei skater Liu Yi-Shuan, breaks away. They are skating laps and getting the points while the eliminations are skimming the pack away. 6 laps from the arrival, Korea and France outdistance Chinese Taipei. Korea speeds up again, France takes a while before catching up to her and then breaks away. Yu Gan Ram finally wins the gold with 31 points, in front of Clémence Halbout, who probably did the best race of her career. Liu Yi-Shuan, 13 points, completes the podium.

Senior Men's Point Race

Despite the pouring rain, the men's race starts at a good speed and the pack stretches immediately. France leads the race and takes the first points with Elton de Souza and Ewen Fernandez. The South Americans strike but the French charge back. Breakaway groups are forming with 3 skaters from Spain, Ecuador, and France. The pack speeds up at the instigation of Venezuela. Half of the race and it's pretty tight with still many prospects pretenders to the podium. The competitors are scattered on the track, it's hard to follow!
One lap from arrival, Ecuador, France and Italy are in the head group. Jorge Bolanos (18 points - ECU) wins over Ewen Fernandez (13 points - FRA) and Riccardo Bugarri (11 points - ITA).

Triplé français sur les courses de fond route



Photo gallery of the first day on road at the world championships of speed skating (Kevin Lesueur)

Results of the elimination races on road

Results of the point races on road

Photo gallery of the first day on road at the world championships of speed skating (Christophe Pierredon)

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By Lonesomesoul
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Kevin Lesueur
and Christophe Pierredon
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