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Meeting Gérard Teixidó, Rink Hockey Player of the Week in Italy

Meeting Gérard Teixidó, Rink Hockey Player of the Week in Italy

Gérard Teixidó (Spain) played for two seasons with the SCRA Saint-Omer. At the beginning of the year, he transferred to the rink hockey team of Breganze (Italy). He's just been elected best player of the week in the Italian championship...

By  Pierre LAURENT


Hello Gérard! To start with, could you tell us which are your favorite rink hockey player and club, and why?

Gérard TeixidóHi Pierre, I'm very well, I've got two favorite players: Carlos Nicolia (SL Benfica), because I love his individual technique and his vision of the game, and Sergi Panadero (FC Barcelona), because he's an all-rounder, he's good at everything, in both attack and defense.
My favorite club is Patí Voltrega, it's where I've been trained, it's the club that gave me everything. I'm also a huge supporter of that club.

You left the SCRA at the end of last season. How did your integration within your new club go?

Super good. Since the very first day, the other players, the managers, as well as the supporters have helped me a lot. I'm happy to be in Breganze.

Don't you miss your former club and France?

Of course I miss them, especially the people of the SCRA and Saint-Omer. Last year, we were a group of friends, we played together and we had a great season all together. I have a thought for Mathieu, Tony, Alan, Flo, Cirilo, and Chicho, whom I'm getting on very well with.

You played for the SCRA. What do you think of their early season so far? Do you have something to say to your former staff and team mates?

I think they had quite an irregular early season (especially when away), but all teams have lost points. I believe that now they are well positioned to try and win the championship or at least end up in the Top-3. The French championship is very homogeneous, it's always hard to win on an away game, all the more when the first games take place in Mérignac or Coutras, it's a long trip to get there. I think they have a great team, and that they have to believe in their possibilities.

Your level keeps on increasing and you've been elected best player at the Italian Championship this week. How does that feel?

Gérard TeixidóBeing elected best player of the week is anecdotal because we all played an amazing game, and that's the most important. We played together as a team the whole game. I'm lucky to play with such high level team mates and it pushes me to alway give my 100%.

There's a higher level in Italy, it requires more work too. How hard is it to play at that level?

It's hard indeed, but it's the only way up. Since the level of your team mates and of your opponents is higher, you have to train and sacrifice yourself more to play better.

What is your best memory with Saint-Omer?

My best memory, it's the friends I had during the two years I spent there. It's hard to choose just one moment, but I'm very happy, on a personal level, about my time in Saint-Omer.

What is your objective and your dream for the upcoming years?

My goal is to play better and better day after day, year after year. My dream? Winning a title with Voltrega.

You're loved by the supporters of the SCRA. Do you want to tell them something?

I can only thank them for the two years they offered me. I was feeling so well in Saint-Omer. A big thank you too to the people of the SCRA, they were always very close to me.

Thank you for your time and this interview. I wish you good continuation and success for the rest of your season.

Thank you, you too, my pleasure.

Technical facts

Gérard Teixidó et Pierre LaurentName: Gérard Teixidó
Age: 26 (03/22/1989)
From: Spain
Sport: Rink hockey
Position: Defender

Former clubs

• Club Patí Voltrega (started there and played there until 22)
• CE Noia Freixent (1 season)
• SCRA Saint-Omer (2 seasons)
• Breganze (Italy)

Prize list

• One U20 World Championship in Chile (2007)
• One Italian Super Cup with Breganze (2015)


Photos: Pierre Laurent
and Gabriele Baldi - hockeypista.it
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By :
Passionné de rink hockey. Club préféré : SCRA Saint-Omer (supporter actif dans ce club). Joueur préféré : Pedro Gil - c'est mon idole je trouve ce joueur vraiment exceptionnel. Plus beau souvenir : j'en ai plein mais particulièrement le mondial en Vendée où j’ai passé une semaine exceptionnelle. Quand j'ai découvert le rink hockey, j'ai accroché de suite. C'est un sport technique, rapide et où il y a très peu de temps mort. Ce sport me tient vraiment à coeur et écrire sur ce dernier est un réel plaisir.

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