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Presentation of the 2016 Powerslide Collections (2/2)

Presentation of the 2016 Powerslide Collections (2/2)

A second article on the 2016 Powerslide Collections. Overview of the off-road, slalom and freeride skate models...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

2016 Powerslide Collection

Off-Road Skates : No major changes

The off-road and roller-ski collections haven't changed much: You can still find the classics of the brand, like the XC Trail, the XC Skeleton, the Trainer and the Path.
Same for the off-road skates so-to-speak, the Vi SUV 2.0 and the SUV Metropolis are renewed this year.

Nouveaux roller de slalom Powerslide 2016

Slalom: Two new models

Two new models enter the collection, the Tau and the Kaze. Those two skates have composite shells: The Tau has a carbon shell and the Kaze seems to be a mix of glass fiber and polymers. Both are available with two different frame lengths, 231 and 243 mm, and two wheel diameters, 76 or 80 mm, according to your size. They are both equipped with the three-point frame fixing system for a lower center of gravity and better control.
The Tau seems to have a particularly efficient and enveloping tightening system. However, let's note that the cuff buckle is made of plastic, metal would have been welcome.

Big freeride wheels

The Hardcore Evo 2.0 and the Ultron are renewed on the catalog. A 'big wheel' version of the Ultron is available with the Supercruiser (110 mm).

We also discover the Imperial Sumerman with very toy-like colors... On the other hand, the Imperial Megacruiser Pro really has style with its shiny black lines and touches of blue/green! The Imperial Megacruiser 125 is available in two other colors, anise green and white. It also has a chrome red 110 mm version.

Gamme Imperial Megacruiser

Gamme Imperial Megacruiser

Freeride: the Imperial range is growing

There are no less than 7 80 mm models in the Imperial range. The Imperial Pro has an Alpha or a Spider frame, both totally suitable for slalom skating. There are 3 models of Imperial Evo, in white, violet, and grey. They are equipped with quite a similar frame, the Beta. All the models have lateral abrasive pads, which prove to be pretty useful in case of a fall.

Gamme Imperial Freeride Powerslide 2016

A newcomer, the Khaan

Beside the 110 mm Metropolis Supercruiser, there is another newcomer for men and women, the Khann, available in black or white. The design of its shell looks a lot like that of the Imperial. Its tightening system seems to be better finished than that of the Imperial. A junior version is also available.

Khaan Powerslide

Thanks PS

Each year, Powerslide delivers larger and larger collections. There is no doubt that the German brand counts a lot on the '3 big wheels' concept, which is available in almost all practices. At a time where the market seems to be down, Matthias Knoll and his team keep on investing to make their passion thrive and meet the various needs of the European market. A big thanks to them and to other brands like Seba which still make us believe in a market comeback...

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