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Skating museums around the world

Skating museums around the world

There are a few places worth visiting if you are a skating history lover. Museums dedicated to skating are not even a handful in the world...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER


National Museum of Roller Skating (USA)

4730 South St
Lincoln, NE 68506, États-Unis
Phone :+1 402-483-7551
Website : http://www.rollerskatingmuseum.com/ 

Closed during weekends and summer vacations.

It is probably the most complete museum in the world as for roller skating, but above all it is the only one which is entirely dedicated to it: The History of Roller Skating.

Other museums have a room or a wing dedicated to skating:

Musée du Sport (Switzerland)

Musée du patinage au Pays-Bas(Sportmuseum Schweiz)
Reinacherstrasse 1-3
4142 Münchenstein, Suisse
Phone :+41 61 261 12 21
Website : www.sportmuseum.ch/fr

Opened in 2001, this museum gathers 150.000 sport items and has a full room dedicated to skating... But the greatest treasures are not for public exhibition and only the keeper can allow access to them.

Schaats Museum (Holland)

Adresse : Kleine Weide 1-3
8713 KZ Hindeloopen, Pays-Bas
Phone :+31 514 521 683
Website : www.schaatsmuseum.nl/home

This Dutch museum is essentially dedicated to ice skating but part of it is about roller skating. You will discover the history of skating in a typical building. Created in 1983, it has the largest collection of ice skates and sledges in the world.

...What if you started your own collection?

There are tons of ancient skates on the market, often at very competitive prices. For a few Euros you could become the owner of 60's-70's quad skates. There's nothing more exciting than discovering the rare pearl on the Internet or in a second-hand shop. Your turn!

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