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Testing the FlipBelt sports belt

Testing the FlipBelt sports belt

You don't always have pockets to carry the few accessories you need. Back in time you would go for pockets in the back, now there's also a new alternative with the FlipBelt. Testing...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Presentation / design

Ceinture Flipbelt

As you may have guessed, you can flip the FlipBelt. It's halfway between a sports belt and a bum bag. Its discreet design makes it almost invisible, especially if you get the black version. The flashy ones may make you more visible if you skate in the dark.

It has a single tubular pocket that goes all around it, with four openings, which make it easier to reach for the accessories you put inside. These openings are elastic, so that there's plenty of space, you can even slip in cellphones over 5 in. The belt doesn't have any zippers, it's the elasticity of the material that keeps the accessories inside.

The belt also has a little plastic snap hook for your keys.

With use

The FlipBelt was tested biking, jogging and skating. We put a 5-in cellphone, a bunch of keys, an allen tool, a pair of spare socks, and there was still room for a couple cereal bars. Whatever the discipline, the belt doesn't move if the accessories are well distributed around your waist. The elastic material stays close to your body and prevents from any friction. No need to adjust it.

At first, you're a bit afraid of losing something. The best thing to do then is to flip the belt so that the openings are facing you: Now it's safe! ...Even if you still think that a zipper on one of the openings could have been a good way to feel safe for good. But if you check the manufacturer's website, you'll see that the zip version is also available!

The belt doesn't move a notch in action. Make sure to place your cellphone in your back because, for skating or jogging, it might hinder your leg flexing. On the side, it's cumbersome.


We've been completely won over by this discreet and ergonomic product. You quickly forget you have it on. It perfectly meets the needs of non-bulkiness. Nothing moves despite the typical pendulum move of skating. This belt is at the reasonable price of 30€, compared to the competition. A good investment if you like skating light.

Ceinture Flipbelt remplie

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Not bulky
+ Light
+ No friction


- Lacks at least one zipper?

Technical facts

- Brand: FlipBelt
- Model: Classic
- Made of 92% microfiber, 8% lycra
- Weight: 80 g in size M
- Available in 6 sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
- Made in the USA
- Public price: 30€
- reflective logo
- machine washable and may be tumble dryed
- safety snap hook for keys

Ceinture Flipbelt et sa gamme de couleurs

Lins utiles

Site de Flipbelt

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