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Meeting Massimo Mariotti, Coach of Team Italy, the European champion of rink hockey

Meeting Massimo Mariotti, Coach of Team Italy, the European champion of rink hockey

Massimo Mariotti is of Tuscan origin. He is probably one of the most important figures of rink hockey in Italy and in the world. With Team Italy and within the club circuit, he won all the trophies he could...

By  Francesco STEVAN


Massimo Mariotti

A title list that speaks for itself

• 2 World Cups
• 2 European Cups (including one as a coach)
• 1 Champions League with Follonica (eliminating Barcelona in preliminary game)
• 6 CERS Cups
• 11 Scudetti (Italian championships)
• 13 Italian Cups
• ...all in all, a legend of rink hockey!

Massimo Mariotti is currently in Bassano del Grappa to prepare for the next Latin Cup. We made the most of his free time to chat about or common passion: rink hockey.

The Latin Cup

We start with the Latin Cup, which will take place in late March this year, just before Easter (March, 24-26), in Follonica (Palagolfo hall). The cup is played every two years, alternating with the Nations Cup of Montreux. It is only for the U23 category. Italy, France, Portugal and Spain take part in it.

This competition hasn't offered much satisfaction to Team Italy over the last years, but it's very useful for our young players to get international game experience. But since it's in Italy, we want to make an impression. It will depend a lot on the age of the other teams' players.

The young players selected

After a first meeting in Forte dei Marmi, and now in Bassano del Grappa, the 15 pre-selected players are:

Massimo Mariotti et Francesco Stevan

  • Bruno Sgaria (Bassano, goal keeper)
  • Fabio Errico (Correggio, goal keeper)
  • Davide Pertegato (Sandrigo, goal keeper)
  • Davide Gavioli (Correggio)
  • Nicolas Barbieri (Correggio)
  • Andrea Scuccato (Correggio)
  • Stefano Paghi (Follonica)
  • Davide Banini (Follonica)
  • Mattia Verona (Forte dei Marmi)
  • Giacomo Maremmani (Forte dei Marmi)
  • Filippo Compagno (Breganze)
  • Giulio Cocco (Breganze)
  • Francesco Compagno (Roller Monza)
  • Alberto Greco (Trissino)
  • Alessandro Verona (Lodi)

The European Cup in sight for the Seniors

As for the Senior Team Italy, this year the European Cup will take place in Portugal (July, 11-16) in Oliveira de Azemis, and the title holder is Italy, led by Mariotti.

"In Alcobendas in 2013 we managed an incredible legendary feat. After beating Switzerland and Germany, the Azzurri did a draw game against Spain (2-2), breaking the long winning streak of the Spanish (61 wins). Then they beat Portugal (3-2), ten years after the last time, and turning their game against France to their advantage, they won the European Cup.

This year will be particularly hard, we will play this edition with a very young team but we want to make our tifosis dream. Amongst the other teams, France improved the most, but Spain and Portugal are still the favorites."

Final Phases of the Italian Cup

PalagolfoIn Forte dei Mari (February 25-28) will take place the Final-8 of the Coppa Italia, the 2nd most important national competition, where the top-8 of the A1 series will play after their first round.

"Given the format of direct elimination and the competition that will last several days, it's very hard to make a prognosis. Forte dei Marmi is probably the favorite since the team plays at home but beware of the 'potential bombs': First, Bassano, but also Breganze who won the Italian Supercoppa in September, imposing themselves against Forte dei Marmi, while the latter was playing at home."

A quick look at the A Series of the Italian Championships

"Team Bassano can technically aspire to a better rank than 6th (current). Forte del Marmi probably has the players who could make a difference, Lodi is still a great team, but let's not forget the revelations, Matera and Breganze..."

Ciao Massimo!


Photos : Francesco Stevan
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