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Testing the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by Herbalife

Testing the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by Herbalife

Online-Skating is testing today the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by the well-known brand Herbalife. It is destined to endurance sports, like skating...

By  Aurélien GACHET

A code name?

Herbalife CR7 DribeHerbalife's CR7 Drive was developped in partnership with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. CR, like his initials, and 7, like his jersey number.

This drink is part of the wide range of products offered by Herbalife, the sports range of which is called Herbalife24 and is designed for endurance sports. Just what I need, long distance skating is my favorite discipline!

Where to find it?

The OLS team is ready to hear you say: why testing a product that's hard to find?

It's true that the CR7 Drive is not available in supermarkets or in general stores. However the brand's distribution network goes through a good bunch of partners. Go check on the website and you'll find an Herbalife coach close to your place...

The CR7 Drive Drink

The isotonic drink is sold in jars of 540 grams (20 scoops) or in bags of 10 x 27 grams. Mix the powder with water : 1 bag or 2 scoops for 500 ml. Classic and just like any powder on the market.


We tested the bag version, easier to bring with you. Nevertheless, packaging it in sticks would have made the pouring into 50 cl bottles easier (usually distributed by organizations on skating races).


The CR7 Drive tastes like acai berry, which is a bit sour. At first take, the drink is very refreshing.


The intake of carbohydrates helps you maintain your level of performance. Tiredness stroke in later than usual during my training. The drink is easily assimilated. No stomach pain to declare.

Intake comparison: Isostar vs. Herbalife





Carbohydrates (g)



Substrate (1), glycemia

Salt (g)



Prevents hyponatremia (2)

Vit. E (mg)



Antioxidant (free radicals (3))

Vit. C (mg)



Antioxidant (free radicals (3))

B1 (Thiamine) (mg)



Energy metabolism (4)

B12 (mg)



Protein synthesis

Magnesium (mg)



Prevents cramps and contractures

Zinc (mg)



Antioxidant + energy metabolism

(1) Nutrients which serve to muscle contraction : here carbohydrates. It's chemical energy transformed into mechanical energy : muscle contraction.

(2) A lack of sodium may cause dizziness. For example, during a long effort, if you only drink water, without salt, your sodium level drops as you sweat, and if your body lacks too much sodium, il may become dangerous. Hence the salt.

(3) These are portions of oxygen that were not used during muscle contraction and that 'rust' your body, and reduce your performances if there are too many of them. This may happen during long efforts without antioxidant intake.

(4) Element that helps transforming sugar (carbohydrates) into mechanical energy.


According to the quantitative data provided by the producers, Isostar offers more nutrients in variety and quantity than Herbalife's CR7: It is richer in carbohydrates and antioxidants. It would be interesting to compare prices...

Strong points and points to be improved


+ vitamins and carbohydrates intake
+ taste


- distribution network limited to partners
- high prices, like most products of the same range

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