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Edu Fernandez: From the Vendéenne (France) to Villafranca (Spain)

Edu Fernandez: From the Vendéenne (France) to Villafranca (Spain)

To celebrate the birthday of rink hockey player Edu Fernandez, here is a flash-portrait which never had the chance of being published on a website that doesn't exist anymore...




Hi, I was born in Igualada, where I started to play hockey at the age of 7.

I took part in several Spanish and Catalonia championships with Igualada until the age of 16.

Then I toured with the youth and junior teams of Barcelona for 4 years. There, we also won the Catalonian and Spanish titles of rink hockey.

After two national selections (youth and junior), I won two titles of European vice-champion.

At 20, I was recruited by the senior team of Igualada HC, where I stayed for 10 seasons, with European vice-champion, OK Liga and King's Cup titles.

With the Spanish selection, I took part (and won) 1 World and 2 European championships.

4 years ago, I went to the Vendéenne and we won the French cup of the 2013-14 season, and finished 2nd of the 2014-15 season.

...And this season

This season, I'm back in Spain, where I play with Villafranca. We're currently 9th of the championship with 24 points in 18 games. The last 3 games, we scored 7 points in beating Noia last Saturday, which allows us to hope for a better ranking in the future.

At a personal level, I'm ranked 7th best scorer, to a tie with 3 other players, including my team mate Roger Rocasalbas, with 16 goals.

Thanks a lot, Edu, for this flash-portrait and happy birthday! 

Edu Fernandez et son équipe


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Après avoir fait son apprentissage de spectateur lors de Coupes des Nations jouées à l'ancien pavillon de Montreux, suivi les évolutions du club du bout du lac il y a quelques décennies, s'être perdu longtemps dans un autre sport, a finalement retrouvé sa lucidité-rink à l'occasion de l'Euro U17 de Genève en 2011.

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