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Testing the Vi Alu 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frame by Powerslide

Testing the Vi Alu 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frame by Powerslide

The OLS team goes on with the testing of 3x125 mm speed skating frames. This time, we're focusing on the Powerslide Vi Alu...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Test Bench

Platine Powerslide Vi Alu 3x125 mm

Platine Powerslide Vi Alu 3x125 mmWe recently published the test of the Triple X 3x125 mm Frame by Powerslide, a model clearly destined for speed skating in competition. Today, let's make room for the Vi Alu 3x125 mm, more suitable for long distance and endurance skating.


The Powerslide Vi Alu 3x125 mm has light lines. Extruded and machined, the frame is based on a double voided extrusion. The upper part of the sides is thicker for more rigidity.


No fault found, Powerslide lives up to its reputation with a great laser finish. The sharp angles have been softened.

The Vi Alu has only one oblong hole at the back. There are not many adjustment possibilities, except if you have boots with an along thread.

You'll be limited to a set-up with a 195 mm interaxial spacing, contrary to some equivalent frames on the market. The Vi Alu 3x125 mm is equipped with M7 Torx axles for a better hold and a slower wear than allen axles.


The height of the bridges of the Vi Alu is the same as that of the Triple X 3x125 mm: 61 mm at the back and 50 mm at the front. You'll probably need 2 mm Powerslide wedges to prevent the middle wheel from touching the boot.

On the scale, the Powerslide Vi Alu displays 5 grams less than its elder, the Triple X, but it is also smaller. It weighs 222 grams in size 12.3 in (31 cm), a medium size in the Vi range. It is still heavier than many other frames on the market despite its seeming lightness.


Unlike the EOSkates carbon frame of the Powerslide Triple X frame, designed for pure performance, the Vi Alu is a bit different, with slight vibrations on damaged grounds. The stiffness of these models makes way for more flexibility, which also offers better bend handling.

It's easier to turn and the rail-like sensation peculiar to the Triple X is not as strong. As a reminder, the Powerslide Vi Alu is available in 3 different sizes, from 11.8 in to 12.6 in (the most common size for 3x125 mm frames).


The Powerslide Vi Alu is primarily destined to skaters looking for comfort and maneuverability in 3x125 mm, particularly if you go for a short version like the 11.8 or the 12.2 in. It's easy to handle on various grounds, in the city, on bike lanes or green lanes. If you like raids or endurance races, it's a great compromise.

Platine Powerslide Vi Alu 3x125 mm

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Finish quality
+ Maneuverability
+ Price


- Performance

Technical facts

Brand: Powerslide
Model: Vi Alu 3x125 mm
Year: 2015
Designed in: Germany
Made in: China
Available sizes:
-12.6" : 320mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across
- 12.2" : 310mm, 3x125mm, 195mm across
- 11.8" : 300mm, 3x125mm, 165/195mm across
Axles: 8 mm aluminium M7 Torx
Axle spacing: 195 mm
Oblong holes: 1 at the front, 1 at the back - across.
Weight: 227 grams
Height of the back bridge: 61 mm
Height of the front bridge: 50 mm
Public price: 169€
Recommended use: Long distance, endurance rances, first steps with big diameters.


Testing Powerslide Triple X 3x125 mm frame

Testing EOSkates 3x125 mm frame

4x100 mm or 3x125 mm ? Choose your weapon

Testing the 3x125mm

By Alfathor
Photos : Powerslide
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