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Testing the Trigger Rainbows Julien Cudot

Testing the Trigger Rainbows Julien Cudot

After a quick overview, it's now time to have a closer look at the Trigger Rainbow skates and put them to the acid test. The first tests were promising, what about the long run ? Can this French pro-model compete with the international market ?


Test bench


Trigger Rainbow Julien CudotIt's a good thing to have bet on black, sober and simple colors for a first model. Julien Cudot's name appears on a small tag on the tongue of the liner, nothing more. The leather is quite thick and soft to the touch. The seams are sturdy and protect the skate in case of a fall, while giving a robust looks to the skate. The soulplate goes quite high on the outside of the skate, and a bit less on the inside. The frame is also an original creation, halfway between Freestyle and antirocker, and is available in two sizes: S or L, according to the skate size.

The Rainbow is a compact and reactive model, with a high cuff and three types of tightening, showing the decision of the brand to make it a versatile skate.


Clearly, I didn't spare the skates during the testing phase. Falls on the buckle, the cuff, the toes, really, I did them all. And yet, they held up. The frames were so worn out that the screws showed but they didn't break. The protective pads of the boots took shocks without ripping off. The seams at the heels didn't split and the soul plates proved to be very resistant. The skates deserves top honors. They are made to last.


It's on the comfort side that there's a rub. The skates are packaged with their laces tightened to the max, the least to say is that it's a true ordeal for wide feet. You'll need a good while to loosen them up. Add to it the thickness of the liners, real good fat liners, the foam of which will also take time to mold to the feet. You skate, you take your skates off, you open the skates, you put you skates back on, you start all over again.

Trigger Rainbow Julien CudotThe first sessions are painful but little by little, the skates start fitting your feet snugly and they get very comfortable. Little to no pressure on the malleolus. The tongue holds the instep in place. If you thought you'd slip your feet into slippers, you'll have to skate a little before breaking them in. The Rainbows may seem a little tight at first but very quickly, you realize that they're taking the shape of your feet for an increasing comfort.

The shock absorbers have a flaw, they are a little rounded at the top, but here again, either you don't mind, or you can change them.


There are three tightening devices: the lacing that goes very high on the instep, the strap, which is a bit short but holds the instep, and the buckle at the ankle. With the fat liner, you get an optimal tightening offering great reactivity.


At first sight, the skates seem very stiff, they're tight and it's hard to imagine how you'll get a little flexion. But it comes very naturally. The cuffs hold the ankles and follow their every moves.
For more flexibility, you can still cut the cuffs following the lines provided for that purpose.


The Rainbows have without hesitation one of the best sliding efficiency available on the market today. The notches of the soulplates are hard to find because of their depth, but once engaged, you don't move. They make a little thud when you slide copings or walls, but they never get stuck.

The soulplates make the sliding very precise. They're very suitable for tops and other low styles. The skates being very reactive in curves and coping, they follow your lines with optimal speed.


Trigger Rainbow Julien CudotThe frames are a bit fragile, because they wear out quickly to reveal the screw threads. But here again, the brand thought it through. The frames are equipped with self-locking screws that still allow to change wheels despite the wear.

The notches are wide and easy to find. Last but not least, the antirocker shape allows very precise stalling under any circumstances. The Rainbow frames are every bit as good as those of the other brands and make the difference with their originality.


The Rainbow wheels have a diameter of 57 mm and a hardness of 90A, and they are shaped so that they have angles on the sides to turn better. They withstand all shocks and other powerslides you'll subject them to.

The ABEC 7 bearings are also quite resistant to shocks. They didn't jam despite the humid weather and wet ground.


Julien Cudot will have waited for a long time before getting a pro-model. But he can be proud of the results. It's a versatile skate, just like his skating style, solid, which suits all skating levels. If you disregard the first sessions before the skates are broken in, you get a reactive skate allowing very good sliding. While the Trigger Rainbow Julien Cudot still has a few flaws, it's very promising for the future.

Strong points and points to be improved

+ Pleasant sliding and groove
+ Sturdy
+ Original looks

- Flaw on the shock absorber
- The skate is very tight and needs to be broken in
- The foam of the liner takes time to take the shape of the foot

Technical facts

Brand: Trigger
Model: Rainbow Julien Cudot
Year: 2016
Boot: Plastic
Liner: Built-in, fat liner
Cuff: Removable, can be cut
Tightening: Laces, strap and micrometric buckle
Sizes: 40 to ???
Frame: integrated antirockers, S or L
Wheels: Trigger Rainbow 57mm/90A
Maximum diameter: 58 mm
Bearings: Trigger ABEC 7
Price: 349€
Use: Street and park


Photos : Be-Mag
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