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Testing the 110 mm MPC Turbo Training Speed Skating Wheels

Testing the 110 mm MPC Turbo Training Speed Skating Wheels

The OLS team has tested for you a set of MPC Turbo Training speed skating wheels, a dual density wheel at a reasonable price...

By  Aurélien GACHET

Test Bench


MPC TrainingThe Training wheel by MPC is a dual density wheel, at the image of the Black Magics. Just as its name suggests, this model is rather destined for training, or intermediate levels. It costs around 12€ per unit, which is in the low range of prices for a 110 mm dual density wheel.


The MPC Training wheels have the same hub as the Black Magics, with the signature helicoidal structure of the American brand. They are only available in X-Firm hardness.

Their weight (145 g) is in the average for 110 mm wheels. The hardness says 85A, which is relatively soft compared to the current standards of dual density wheels, which tend to get harder.


The wheel is very clean. No bubble at the surface of the PU. The joint between the PU and the hub is clear. On the other hand, the writings on the wheel tend to erase fast.


The rebound test is conclusive, the wheel goes back to a good height. Good energy restitution.

Test Protocole

We have tested the MPC Training for 3 months of varied grounds, dry and wet, essentially on roads and cycle lanes. In total, we have skated about 650 km with the test set.


Inserting bearings into the hub is very easy. You just have to push them with the tip of your fingers, no tool needed.


The dual density works well and vibrations on rough grounds are reduced. On the whole, the wheel is pretty comfortable.


The rolling of this wheel is good and its inertia enables you to easily gain a little speed.


MPC TrainingWe had the opportunity to test this wheel on wet grounds and in the rain. Results are very satisfying, the grip is good. They are close to the quality of the Atom Boom and tend towards the grip of the MPC Storm, yet without matching it.

Wear and Tear

In 650 km, we have switched wheels three times. Without being terrible, wear and tear is not the strong point of those wheels. (Indeed, they had to endure countless T-breaks during the test...)


With 12€ per unit, the MPC Training wheel is quite a good deal. Dual density wheels at this price are rare.

Its grip on wet grounds is a good point. Despite quite a rapid wear, it's still a good training wheel, and a good competition wheel for intermediary levels.

Darren De Souza's comments

Darren de Souza" I tested those wheels on the Gujan-Mestras (France) track. At moderate speed, sensations are quite satisfying and get close to those of the MPC Evolutions and the Black Magics: good comfort and good rolling.
I continued the test with standing starts (clock-like), and compared my times with the ones I do with the Black Magic Firms and the MPC Turbo Training X-Firm. There's a variation of one tenth of second on 100 m between those two types of wheels, which is a very honorable result for the Trainings.

Last but not least, I compared their performances on flying laps. At very high speed on a slippery track like that of Gujan-Mestras, you can feel the difference, and the Black Magic have a better response.

Let's note that I usually skate with Black Firm Magics, and the Turbo Training are a bit too hard for me.
However, according to me, for training or for competition in youth categories or at intermediate level, those wheels will do the job. Indeed, I think that, for that public, the differences between the Turbo Trainings and high-end wheels are insignificant.

Other tests will enable to evaluate the quality of those wheels for lighter skaters, especially to study the rolling and response on road or on less slippery tracks. "

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Rolling
+ Comfort
+ Grip on wet ground
+ Quality/price ratio for a dual density wheel


- Rather fast wear
- Not very well distributed in shops
- Grip on slippery tracks at high speed for heavy skaters

Technical facts

Brand: MPC
Model: Training
Year: 2015
Made in: USA
Hardness: 85A
Total diameter: 110 mm
Hub diameter: 70 mm
Weight: 145 g
Width: 24 mm
Bearings: 608 or 688 with adaptor
Public price: 12€/u.
Recommended use: Speed skating training, fitness

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Testesd by Sanglier76 & Darren De Souza
Photos: Sanglier76
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