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Testing the Bont / MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm Wheels

Testing the Bont / MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm Wheels

Bont has been working in partnership with MPC for many years. The Australian brand has just released a brand new model of 125 mm wheel with aluminum hub. We could test a set and here are our impressions...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Test Bench

Roue Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mmWe were very excited at OLS', when Bont sent us the MPC Red Magic Hardcore wheel set for testing. The wheel, designed in collaboration with MPC, has one of the finest finishes on the market and is one of the most innovating models, even if the technology used has been known for a dozen years already. Indeed, Intzcore and PSI had already opted for aluminum hubs on 100 mm wheels in 2005.

Why an aluminum hub?

Roue Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mmBont started out from the principle that with the augmentation of the wheel diameter, lateral flexibility had become too big with plastic hubs and needed more control.


The Bont / MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm wheels have a hub made of aluminum 6061 with seven splayed spokes, anodized in a modern hue of red, the color of the brand. Around it, a dual-density polyurethane on-core, added in the MPC factories in the US.


Weighing 224 grams on the scale, the Red Magic Hardcore is the heaviest wheel on the market, the other models being around 180 grams (but with plastic hubs). Aluminum may be rigid, but it also has its con!
The X-Firm version has a hardness of 86A (more or less 2 shores). The rim is about 2 mm wider than that of other wheels, which also explains the extra weight.

The hub has a smaller diameter than that of the Matter One20Five (82 mm against 89 mm), which means more PU on the on-core.

The on-core measures 125.7 mm, a bit bigger than for a classic 125 mm set!


Bont and MPC manufactured the aluminum hub with a slight play for easier bearing insertion. Otherwise, it would have been quite a nightmare. But then, bearings tend to escape when the wheel is not yet mounted on the plate.


Because of the aluminum hub, we were expecting to have the feeling of skating on crowbars. But in the end, the sensation is softened by the thickness of the PU, and you can enjoy the rigidity of the wheel without numbing your feet with vibrations. Bont / MPC has found quite a good balance, even a very pleasant one! You'll enjoy those wheels better with speed-fitness boot models than with pure speed skating carbon boots, which will need very smooth ground to reach their full potential.

The Bont MPC/wheels have an 'odd' number of spokes, so the vibration does not travel straight up the spoke, which adds to the comfort.


The rolling is the sum of several factors: quality PU, thick on-core — and wider than on other models—, and heavy weight. The rolling is not missing!

Roue Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm

The wheels take a little more time to set in motion because of their weight, but once you've got enough speed, you can really make the most of the inertia. A very enjoyable sensation.


The first feeling you get when you test those wheels: it's a mix of rigidity, comfort and response, but still with a certain flexibility. The rigidity of the aluminum provides the passing of power that most plastic hubs lack. The wheel is very enjoyable to skate, because it offers a reactivity that is still unrivaled on the market today.

However, it's hard to speed up quickly with those wheels, except if you are strong and powerful, like Gary Heckman for example. With a head wind, you run out of energy quite fast. Those wheels are well suited for linear races with big packs to take shelter into.


We tested the Bont / MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm wheels on dry and wet grounds. The general grip is good, whatever the weather conditions. They don't skid on wet surfaces. Yet, you may sometimes lose a little grip at the end of a push on dry grounds or while sliding, because of the low flexibility of the hub.

Wear and Tear

The wear is quite slow on the whole. We mostly used the wheels in the city and they were subjected to a lot of T-brakes without complaining. The parting line of the PU was still visible after 100 km.

Quality/Price Ratio

For 36€/u., clearly not everybody can afford the Bont / MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm wheels... It is almost twice the price of a classic wheel of the same diameter with a plastic hub. At that rate, you avoid T-braking! Let's hope that with the arrival of aluminum in top-of-the-range speed-skating wheels of big diameters, a manufacturer will offer wheel retreading to reduce the costs.


The newborn of the Bont / MPC partnership is a dreadful weapon on linear rolling marathons. Its efficiency is almost unmatched today, on the 125 mm market. It finds its limits in speed-ups and uphill skating where you need good thighs to keep the pace. Its grip being excellent on wet grounds, it is a versatile wheel. If you have the budget, don't hesitate, you won't regret it.

Note: Bont advised us that the brand will add another process to perfect the bearing hole, but this will add a little to the cost in 2017.

Roue Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm

Strong Points and Points to Be Improved


+ reactivity thanks to rigid hub
+ exceptional rolling on smooth grounds
+ design
+ relative comfort


- heavy weight
- hard to speed up with
- bearing dropping before mounting
- price

Technical Facts

Brand: Bont / MPC
Made in: USA
Model: Red Magic Hardcore
Year: 2016
Diameter: 125.7 mm
Hub Diameter: Aluminum - 82.5 mm
Hub Width: 24 mm
Available Hardnesses: Firm, X-Firm
Dual Density: Yes
Public Price: 36€/u.
Recommended Use: Intensive practice of marathons on straight and smooth courses.

Roues Bont MPC Aluminium


Bont/MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm onBont's Website

Thanks to Bont / MPC
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