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Testing the Bont CXXV 3x125 mm Frames

Testing the Bont CXXV 3x125 mm Frames

With its new wheels with aluminum hubs, Bont also launches its new 3x125 mm speed skating frame, the CXXV or 125 in roman numerals. Test…

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Test bench

Platine Bont CXXV

Platine Bont CXXVWith its new wheels with aluminum hubs, Bont also launches its new 3x125 mm speed skating frame, a model with a modern and polished design, staying true to the spirit and the identity of the Australian brand.

The smooth lines of the frame are highlighted by a black and red painting.


Bont delivers a perfect frame, with a decoration way more polished than most models on the market.

The Allen screws are deep and of good quality, you gain in liability because you can put the key deep into the axles to tighten or unscrew them.

On the other hand, the Bont CXXV frame only has one oblong hole at the front with a 195 mm interaxial spacing.


Platine Bont CXXVThe single size offered by Bont for its CXXV frame is 12.8 in, i.e. 325 mm, which is quite long for a 3x125 mm frame (most models are around 12.6 in). It it very suitable for bigger skaters with powerful legs!

As for bridge heights, the front bridge measures 52 mm and the back bridge 63 mm. It's a bit more than other brands like Powerslide or EOSkates, but at least you don't need any wedges!

With 220 grams, the Bont CXXV is one of the lightest aluminum frames on the market.


Bout delivers a frame the rigidity of which is balanced, despite 3 bridges between the wheels. The central part is firm enough while the ends are a bit more flexible for better maneuverability. It is still more flexible than a Powerslide Triple X but is still rather destined to courses with long stretches.

With use

The length of the frame forces you to be careful when crossing over, especially on winding courses or on tracks. On the other hand, on marathon-type courses, they are easier to handle. So that they are also reassuring, especially at high speed thanks to their stability. They are also reassuring downhill. On smooth grounds, their performance is optimal. On damaged or deformed grounds, you feel a bit « ejected » by a spring effect, as Antoine Lesavre says. The rolling comfort is relative, vibrations can be felt.

Quality/Price ratio

With a price of 219€, the Bont CXXV frame is a bit less expensive (-10€) than the 3x125 mm Triple X by Powerslide, its direct competition. It's a good ratio given its technical characteristics and the quality of its finishing.

Platine Bont CXXV


Bont took its time to launch its 3x125 mm frame and the results meet all expectations. The finishing is perfect. Bont made the choice of producing a single size (medium) of 12.8 in to cover the needs of the largest panel of skaters. It will especially be suitable for powerful and big skaters with good skating technique who know how to make their skates work at each push. It's easy to understand that it was a good match for Gary Hekman during the skating half-marathon of Berlin in 2016, where he did a time of 30'30''. It will be a bit more cumbersome and less easy to handle for smaller built skaters. Use them for speed skating or long distance skating on courses with long stretches without much pace disruptions.

Platine Bont CXXV

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Very successful design
+ Lightness
+ Finishing
+ Stability at high speed


- Only available in 195 mm
- Single size

Technical facts

Brand: Bont
Model: CXXV
Made in: Taïwan
Year: 2016
Maximum wheel diameter: 3x125 mm
Length: 325 mm, i.e. 12.8 in
Front bridge: 52 mm
Back bridge: 63 mm
Public price: 219€
Recommended use: Speed skating on marathons, particularly on courses with long stretches.

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