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Results of the Races of 2016 Rennes sur Roulettes

Results of the Races of 2016 Rennes sur Roulettes

The Breton capital hosted the 34th edition of Rennes sur Roulettes. Bart Swings won the men's race for the 3rd time and Maëlann Le Roux caused a stir in the women's category...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Rainy Races

Arrivée des hommes à Rennes sur Roulettes

Once doesn't make it a habit, bad weather was the main opponent of the skaters, with several falls in cobbled bends and on walkway white stripes. Points were at stake for the general ranking of the World Inline Cup and of the French Cup of Skating Marathons.

Peloton de tête hommes à Rennes sur Roulettes

Men's Marathon: The Undefeatable Bart Swings

The Men's race starts at a good pace despite the pouring rain. A group of 6 skaters quickly breaks away from the pack, with Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates), Ewen Fernandez (EOSkates), Guillaume de Mallevoue (EOSkates), Mike Paez (Mexique), Peter Michael (Powerslide Matter) and Bart Swings (EOSkates).

The wet roads of Rennes are slippery. The EOSkates skaters have 4x110 set-ups, while the Powerslides have opted for 3x125 set-ups. EOSkates keeps on attacking to tire Powerslide out. Bart Swings steadily catches up every time... Peter Michael is finally outrunned. You can feel that Bart's skating is less stable than that of his opponents with only 3 wheels instead of 4.

Bart Swings resists the attacks of Guillaume de Mallevoue and Nolan Beddiaf, who work for their leader. Guillaume does a huge job the whole race. Bart knows how to look threatening. Ewen plays the waiting game and Mike Paez is ready to take his chance.

In the final sprint, Bart Swings takes the last bend in the lead. Despite a loss of balance a few meters from the finish line, he manages to win in front of Ewen Fernandez. Mike Paez seizes the opportunity and completes the Top-3. The two agitators of the race, Guillaume de Mallevoue and Nolan Beddiaf, finish at the foot of the podium.

Peloton de tête hommes à Rennes sur Roulettes

Women's Marathon : Maëlann Le Roux On the Edge

The women's pack stayed together most of the race. Clémence Halbout (Bont) falls halfway through the race but manages to catch up and get the lead back. The group is made of her team mate Mélanie Lizé (Bont), Déborah Marchand (Pôle France), Maëlann le Roux (Pôle France), Margaux Vigié (Cadomotus), Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter), but also Juliette Pouydebat, the winner of the 2015 World Cup. The pack grows thinner from the back lap after lap, without major attack.

In the last lap, the pack is still together. 500 m from the finish line, the sprint is launched. Katharina Rumpus is confident and seems to head towards victory... but Maëlann Le Roux steals it on the line with an impressive comeback. A great victory for the Breton who wins at home.

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