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Testing The Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125

Testing The Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125

The Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 is the flagship of the German brand for Freeride Skating with three wheels. We tested the model, which is meant to rise the common standard.



Test protocol

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125The test person of the Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 was a professional Freeride skater, who has always been skating on 4x80mm. It was very important to choose a skater who has never skated on 125mm before.
We also gave the sample to a speed-skater to test, who is used to skate on the big wheels.

Before the test began, we analyzed the property of the boot, to generate some first hypotheses. We used the skates two weeks in our daily life to get used to it: the shoe adapted the form of our feet and the wheels were not brand new anymore.

After these two weeks, the boot got tested in more extreme conditions. It was meant to test the limits of it: long distances, high speed, in the rain, in a skate park, in a freeride....

Then we modified a few parts of the skate to go deeper in our test: other wheels, other liner.

Analyze and first hypotheses

The combination of big wheels and short frames was so far only used in inline-slalom at high level. Powerslide already invested in this discipline, especially with its inline-slalom frame Pleasure Tool 3x110mm. The use of the big wheels in inline skating is so far only allowed for marathon racing. On the track it is still prohibited. The high boot and the compact frame is more something for a skater who is looking for a compromise between a good roll, and a perfect manner to skate through the city.

All hardened urban skaters will feel a peerless feeling of speed without losing too much agility on this skate.
The skate will be delivered without breaks, so different skills for slowing down are presumed.

The shell

The shell of the Powerslide Megacruiser Pro 125 is very stiff and is equipped with an removable spoiler (Allen-Key). Hight and stiff, light and well-ventilated... too much? For those who love to skate in the rain, this skate also accomplishes what it needs to. The ventilation holes can be pushed down, to reduce the risk of ingress of water.
The shell is aöso equipped with a changable piece of rubber, so the slipping will be prevented.
The frame has a standard slot distance of 165mm. But be careful, maybe some 4x80mm frames of a diffrent will not be compartible.
The chrome-effect of the boot is for sure not indisputable, but it does make a difference! With that boot you will get lots of attention.

Coque Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125

The fastening system

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125Powerslide decided to use a combination, which proved successful since many years: laces on top of the feet and buckles in the upper area of the ankle and shins. The laces slide smooth but the lacing gets cumbered by the buckles, because they are too close to each other. We only talk about few seconds that it takes more, but not about the efficacy. If you really tighten the boot completely up, then the system loses itself again. The fact that the buckle ceases does only cause a small loss of precision.
The buckles look fragile and are not comfortable to handle with.
After six weeks of testing under extreme conditions, the straps lost a little of their quality. Powerslide used a more expensive way for the fixtures: bolts instead of rivets. This way its easier to exchange single pieces.


Although the bigger lever caused by the 125mm wheels and the problem to tighten the buckle strongly, is the skate still very stiff and comprehensive. It warrants a very good stability.

The liner

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125You can take off the liner, it is made of thick material and good surface with reinforcement at the ankles. The smoother surface at the top of the inner shoe is a comfort bonus when putting on the skate.


The first times wearing the boot, the transitions of the shoe flap might feel uncomfortable in terms of a pressure on the shins, but it will be gone after few days.
Powerslide made a strategical reinforcement under the ankles. Often you get blisters at that special point of the foot after longer skates (frequently big laps+ big and strong pushes), until you find the perfect setting for your skate. That's why it is very important to take your time to find the perfect settings for your way to skate.

The frame

The frame Aluminum Core Triple X is made out of extruded aluminum, which is based on the know how of Powerslide in inline skating. The two connections between the wheels makes sure the frame is stiff and stable enough. It has two slots across to fix the boot and move it individually to front or back. It weights 230g, which is a little above the average, but does not matter for freeriding.
260mm: this frame will feel short but super agile for someone who is used to skate on fitness or speed skates. The frame will lose some of the agility for an urban skater, who is used to 4x80mm or 4x84mm with 1mm gaps in between the wheels.
The 8mm which can be gained seems to be a desirable development. It will always be longer then the standard 243mm or 247mm, but that a the deal with the 125mm.
Hint: the positioning of the frame is changeable in terms of length and sides.


The Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 comes with wheels of 85A hardness. A middle way is always a good way to be prepared for every type of skating. The rebound test got passed too: the wheel jumps back, just a little sluggish.
It ist he first time we notice some sloth during the spin. But once they are at top speed, every urban skater will be amazed by this feeling of speed. Due to the bigger diameter it gets easy to skate over uneven roads without any trouble. The fact of the speed and that last mentioned point are the main reasons to change also in urban skating on bigger wheels. The only restrain is he price of the wheels.

The original wheel is a very soft one, which was meant to increase the comfort but lower the speed. For some skaters it is a good choice because the switch to bigger wheels already allows an increase of speed of minimum 5km/h with the same push.
The use of the wheels will cause some tores on the surface, which is normal for every kind of wheel.


Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125This year Powerslide works together with the Wicked bearings brand and equips the Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 with ABEC 9 bearings. Even after a three hours skate in the rain, they kept spinning soundless and also the day after they worked perfectly.


From the viewpoint of a freerider:

The test of the Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 motivates the switch to three big wheels. A pure freeride will probably stay on his 3x110mm wheels because of the need of longer frames caused by the bigger diameter of the wheels. The shorter frame might be more important to this type of skater. It might take some time to get used to the new dimensions, but the win of speed and comfort on rough surfaces is a big advantage. Only the price of the wheels can be a point not to buy those skates.

From the viewpoint of a speed-skater:

If you're used to the big wheels you will get with the POWERSLIDE Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 a good stability and handling which you won't get with a speedskate. You can skate through the city without thinking too much about technique and you will love to skate fast without trouble to eschew obstacles.

Strong points and points to be improved


+ good support
+ easy to take off pieces
+ easy adjustment
+ good aeration


- Lack of sustainability of the buckles
- Wheels are only average
- Need oft wo kind of keys to adjust the boot (Inbus, Torx)

Fact sheet

Brand: Powerslide
Year: 2016
Model: Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125
Shell: stiff- Imperial- Glassfiber nylon-reinforced – X-Slot system
Boot: MyFit Fat Boy Medium
Dressing: buckles and laces (buckle 45 degrees)
Sizes: 38-46 EU / US 5-12
Frame: Aluminum Core triple X
Hole spacing: 165mm
Wheels: Powerslide Megacruiser 125mm 85A
Bearings: Wicked ABEC 9
Spacers: metal
Price: 339€
Weight: 1813 grams
Recommended use: Freeride and Fitness

Photo gallery


Thank you to Laetishia Schimek
for the translation
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