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2016 Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey : Quarter Finals

2016 Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey : Quarter Finals

The quarter finals of the 2016 Women's Rink Hockey Worlds will probably go down in history with a couple of incredible scenarios, like those of the Chile-France and the Portugal-Germany games. The four teams going through to the next round, the semi-finals, are now revealed...


Summary of the Quarter Finals

Chile 2 - 3 France: What a game!

France ChiliThe game starts with a flourish for Chile, who score two goals in the first period (2-0), by Francisca Donoso. France take the blow and resist as much as they can to the continuing attacks of the South Americans. In the French cages, Flora Michoud Godard does an amazing job. Just before the break, Team France manages to reduce the gap with a goal by Vanessa Daribo (2-1).
Back from the break, the Chileans are just as resourceful as in first period, but the third goal isn't coming. One may think that it's a done deal and that Chile is good to go to the semi finals, but 5 seconds before the end, France equalizes with a shot by Vanessa Daribo. It's a real hammer blow for Chile (2-2) who were already picturing themselves at the next round.

The sudden death extra time is on! The first team to score the golden goal will be the winner. During the first extra time, both teams neutralize each other. During the second extra time, 40 min after the final whistle blow, France wins the game, accidentally helped by poor Donoso who scores an own goal.

France will meet Portugal again in Semi Finals, while Chile will play for places 5 to 8 against Germany.

Argentina 5 - 0 Colombia

Argentina benefits from a favorable draw in quarter finals in meeting Colombia. In this South American derby, the current world champions easily impose themselves and get their ticket for the semi finals. Argentina own their goals to Daiana Silva, Adriana Gutiérrez, Luciana Agudo, Valentina Fernández and Verónica Diéguez. Argentina will then meet Spain in semi finals at 10 pm and Colombia will face Italy at 4 pm.

Spain 4 - 0 Italy

Argentine ColombieSpain, the current European champions, has trouble breaking through the Italian defense, who holds on for almost a whole period before Anna Casarramona finally opens the score for Spain.

Four minutes before the end of the game, a penalty offers the victory to the Spanish, with goals by Berta Busquets, Laura Puigdueta, and Natasha Lee. The tenacity of the Iberians, their speed and their team work finally make the difference, despite the fact that they score on a penalty and a free kick.

Spain reaches the semi finals for a game that could have been a final, against Argentina, the current world champions. Whoever gets to the finals will have to pay the price!

Germany 4 - 5 Portugal: the incredible catch-up

In the first period, Portugal scores 4 times, first with Marlene Sousa, then twice with Sofia Silva, and once more with Renata Balonas. One may think that it's in the bag, and that Portugal will peacefully make their way to the semi finals, but they should have counted on the incredible will of the German players, who catch up with a series of 4 goals in a row, and equalize, which leads to extra time! The German goals are scored by Maren Wichardt, Laura La Rocca on a free kick, and Anna Hartje. Portuguese captain Marlene Sousa unfortunately shuts down all German hopes in scoring the golden goal.

The Portuguese will meet France in semi finals, a nation they have already beaten during the group phases.

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