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2016 Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey: Semi Finals

2016 Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey: Semi Finals

The semi finals of the 2016 Women's Rink Hockey Worlds took place on Saturday and witnessed the victories of Portugal over France, and of Spain over Argentina. Summary of the games...


Summary of the penultimate day of competition

Chile 4 - 2 Germany

Colombie ItalieAfter their loss against France in quarter finals, the Chileans had their hearts set on putting the smile back on their public's faces. The local team managed to refocus and beat Germany.

And yet, it's Germany who opened the scores with Kim Alina Heckles. Chile quickly retaliated with goals by Francisca Puertas, Fernanda Urea (penalty), and Catalina Flores. Henckels reduced the score gap by one point for Germany, but Francisca Donoso added an ultimate goal for Chile, 3 seconds before the end of regulation time.

Chile will now face Colombia at 5 pm for the 5th-place game, while Germany will meet Italy for the 7th place.

Colombia 3 - 1 Italy

Colombia created a stir in imposing themselves against Italy in a very tight game for places 5 to 8. The South Americans proved to be more precise, scoring during second period (Catalina Martinez twice, and Diana Rivas). Italy scored at two direct penalty shootouts, shot by Maria Teresa and Pamela Mele Lapolla. Erika Ghirardello scored for Italy. Alice Sartori got a blue card.

First Semi Final: France 0 - 5 Portugal

France had already met Portugal during the group phases and had already yielded 3 to 1. The French had their hearts set on getting their revenge and reaching the final of the worlds.

Chili AllemagneAfter a great first period where France efficiently held their own against their opponents, Portugal tipped the scales in their favor thanks to their speed, impact and technique. The Portuguese goals were scored by Sofia Silva, Renata Balonas, Marlene Sousa (2), and Rute Lopes.
Eight years later, Portugal finally made their way back up to the final, against Spain. As for France, they will have to take up the tricky challenge of facing the 2014 world champions, Argentina, to fight for bronze.

Second Semi Final: Argentina 1 - 2 Spain

With all due respect to Portugal, this game was worthy of a final ! As expected, those two great nations of rink hockey offered a breathtaking show for this semi final game. Spain, with its incredible team work, and Argentina with its players' speed and technique.
The first period went to Argentina, who opened the score with a goal by Lorena Rodriguez. At the break, the score was still 1-0. An incipient fire in the venue delayed the beginning of the second period by 30 minutes.
In second period, Spain was back with a vengeance, equalizing 4 minutes before the final whistle blow, thanks to a goal by Anna Casarramona. The game finished with a golden goal by Natasha Lee, who freed Spain, sending her team to the final. Spain's last final dated back to the 2012 Worlds in Recife, Brazil, where they had lost against France.

The Games of the Last Day

• Germany - Italy (7th-place game)
• Chile - Colombia (5th-place game)
• France - Argentina (Small final for Bronze)
• Portugal - Spain (Final)

Espagne Argentine

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