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2016 Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey: Spain on the Highest Step

2016 Women's World Championships of Rink Hockey: Spain on the Highest Step

After a week of competition in Iquique, Chile, Spain got the gold at the 2016 Women's Worlds of Rink Hockey, beating Portugal with an overtime win. A first in eight years...


Summary of the Last Games of the 2016 Worlds

Germany 0(1) - 0(2) Italy: 7th-Place Game

Italie AllemagneThe game required golden goal extra time to separate Germany and Italy, none of them having managed to make the difference during regulation time, nor during overtime. German goal keeper Christina Klein stopped a direct penalty shot, given after her team's 10th penalty.
During the golden goal extra time, Pamela Laoppla and Erika Ghirardello scored for Italy, while only Maren Widhardt scored for Germany. Italian Sara Zarantonello stopped Anna Hartje's shot, giving the victory to the Squadra Azzurra.

Chile 3 - 0 Colombia: 5th-Place Game

For this last Chilean game, against Colombia, the supporters had come in numbers to the rink hockey venue of Iquique. Brass bands were mobilizing the crowd. Chile got 5th place of the world championships, with a score of 3 to 0, in this South American derby against Colombia, thanks to goals by Francisca Donoso, Catalina Flores, and Carolina Zúñiga.
Chile finished those worlds ranking 5th, with only one loss, against France in overtime. As for Colombia, they improved their previous ranking, going from place 8 in Tourcoing 2014 to place 6 in 2016.

France 0 - Argentina: Small Final for Bronze

France ArgentineArgentina had made the trip to Iquique to get the world title for the second year in a row. But the Argentineans were stopped by Spain in Semi Final, and played against France for Bronze instead.
France resisted in first period, letting only two goals in, thanks to a well-placed defense. Despite a few counter-attack occasions, the French lacked impact power and didn't manage to go through Argentina's ultimate wall. At the end of second period, the French had a little breakdown and let two more goals in.
The 2016 scenario was quite close to that of 2014 in Tourcoing. Adriana Gutiérrez scored twice, then Lorena Rodríguez and Daiana Silva each scored once for the Águilas.

Portugal 2 - 3 Spain: The Final Game

There has always been rivalry between those two peninsular nations, both having solid rink hockey traditions and cultures. Spain had beaten Portugal with a clear score of 4-0 during the group phases.

After the first period, one may have thought that the same scenario was about to unfold, with the Spanish already leading 2 to 0 thanks to Laura Puigdueta. But it was without taking into account Portugal's determination in second period, and Marta Vieira's and Captain Marlene Sousa's goals. The Lusitannians caught up on the score, which led to overtime. An ideal scenario for a final game at world championships!

Marlene Sousa (Portugal)María Díez released the Spanish with a golden goal, offering her team a new World title — the first in 8 years after their win in Yuji-Honjo, Japan, in 2008. It's Spain's 5th world title.

Recap of the Worlds

Those Worlds confirmed the domination of the Latin countries over international rink hockey. Spain, Portugal, and Argentina were a notch above the rest. If France hadn't opposed Chile's plans, there would have been an all-Latin Top-4!

Chilean Francisca Donoso got the award of best scorer of the competition. Charismatic Portuguese Camtapin Marlene Sousa was elected best player of the tournament, and Teresa Bermudas best goal keeper.

Final Ranking

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Argentina
  4. France
  5. Chile
  6. Colombia
  7. Italy
  8. Germany
  9. Brazil
  10.  USA
  11. South Africa
  12. India
  13. Egypt

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