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Testing the Tempest 125 3WD Long Distance Skates by Rollerblade

Testing the Tempest 125 3WD Long Distance Skates by Rollerblade

Online-Skating had the opportunity to get a pair of Tempest 125 3WD long distance skates for testing. Feedbacks...

By  Aurélien GACHET

Presentation and Test

Rollerblade Tempest 3x125 mm

Coque Rollerblade Tempest 125Rollerblade jumps on the train of 3-wheeled skates with their new 3WD range. The oldest skate brand on the market gave a good makeover to their long distance key-model: the new version is black with touches of white and yellow, a very sober mix, that somehow brings to mind the greatest moments of Salomon back in the days. The black and white frame goes perfectly with the shell.

The Tempest 3WD 125 weighs 1480 grams with original frame and wheels. It's quite a light skate. Some more weight could be saved in changing a few parts, like the wheels.


The finish of the product is excellent, the seams are clean, the carbon of the shell has no lumps. The design of the frame is polished, the angles have been softened. The joints of the core and PU on the wheels are clean. All in all, Rollerblade's experience and quality undeniably show.


The shell has a semi-rigid design, with a low-cut structure made of carbon, and is topped with a plastic cuff, compact enough not to impede movements. The carbon is slightly bulged under the shell for more rigidity without adding any weight to it. The interaxial spacing is of 195 mm, a standard that matches a good number of speed skating frames.

Tightening and Support

The Tempest 3WD 125 is a model designed for long distance skating, with a semi-high cut upper. The ankle is pretty well supported, especially thanks to two micrometric buckles at the instep and around the ankle. On skates of this range, metal buckles would have been better than plastic buckles, not as sturdy in case of a fall.
One good point: The buckles are fixed with screws, and can be changed if needed!

Coque Rollerblade Tempest 125


With a removable ergonomic liner, this model proved to be very comfortable during the test. The liner is thick and quilted. Not a single blister or pressure point after 500+ km of test.

Platine Rollerblade Tempest 125

The Frame

Roues Rollerblade HydrogenRollerblade mounted their Tempest shell for the first time on a 3x125mm extruded aluminum frame. It is well designed, with several support bridges and large holes on the sides. Being 12.6 inches long (middle range), it is suitable for all body types. It has good flexibility at the ends and remains quite rigid in the middle. It proved to be easy to handle and you don't have the feeling of skating on rails. It also smoothens technical mistakes, which is pleasant for leisure outings.
Moreover, this frame has two interaxial spacings, of 165 and 195 mm. It can be adjusted on all types of fitness and speed boots.

The Wheels

The Tempest 3WD 125 is delivered with standard Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels, of hardness 85A, with 7 straight spokes. This is exactly the same design as the Matter Image (Made in the USA). These are mono density wheels. Their rolling is good, without being exceptional. They have a good shock-absorbing capacity, and they have a regular, but fast wear.

We've tested them on different surfaces and in different weather conditions: in the rain, grip is precarious. The Hydrogen wheel is clearly not the best for wet grounds. On dry grounds however, grip is good.


Rollerblade put Twitcam ILQ9 Classic Plus bearings on their long distance model. They are always silent, and didn't need any maintenance the whole duration of the test.

Tools and Screws

You only need one Allen Key #4 for all adjustments on the 3WD 125. There was no key in the test package, but no doubt there will be one supplied with the shop package.

Quality-Price Ratio

With a public price of €499, the Tempest 125 is cheaper than the Powerslide Grand Prix. However, let's note that the shell of the Tempest is more designed for fitness than for speed skating, and that the quality of the standard wheels is not the same (Powerslide opted for Matter Images). The Tempest's design is closer to that of the Powerslide World Cup, also mounted on good quality wheels, but more expensive.


With the Tempest 3WD 125, Rollerblade presents a very well finished skate for quite a reasonable price, that will bring you far in your long distance outings.

Note: Rollerblade offers the option of a pack with the frames, wheels and bearings of the Tempest 125 for €259, to discover 3x125 mm at a reasonable price.

Strong points and points to be improved

 Points forts

Les plus

+ design
+ comfort
+ quality-price ratio
+ replaceable buckles

points à améliorer 

Les moins

- plastic buckles

Technical Facts

Brand: Rollerblade
Model: Tempest 3WD 125
Year: 2017
Shell: Semi-soft asymmetrical Tempest shell made of carbon fiber
Liner: Premium anatomically shaped mesh - Precision footbed.
Closure: Micrometric cuff buckles and laces - 45° buckle - Performance asymmetrical lacing
Frame: 12.6 inches extruded aluminum 3x125 mm frame - with both 195 and 165 interaxial spacings
Wheels: Rollerblade Hydrogen 125 mm 85A
Bearings: Twincam ILQ 9 Classic Plus
Spacers: Metal
Axles: speed-type 8 mm aluminum axles
Sizes: 23-30.5 cm / 36.5-46 EU
Weight: 1480 grams in size 42.5 EU
Price: €499
Recommended use: Long distance and marathon skating

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Full OLS Sheet on the Tempest 3x125 3WD 

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