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2016 WIFC Opening Ceremony & WSSA Season Award Ceremony

2016 WIFC Opening Ceremony & WSSA Season Award Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 10th world championships of freestyle skating (Bangkok, Thailand) took place after the speed slalom finals, at the end of the first day of competition...

By  Alexandre LEBRUN

WFIC Opening Ceremony

Cérémonie d'ouvertureThe traditional Parade of Nations ran smoothly: each country had their own flag-bearer, and their country signs were held by young Thai girls in traditional costumes.

The country has been in mourning for over a month, since the death of the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, and a 89-sec moment of silence (age of the King) was observed by the whole arena. Then followed various speeches, by the representative of the Sports Minister, the Freestyle representative of the FIRS, and the representative of TESA (Thailand Extreme Sports Association).

Cérémonie d'ouverture

A Thai gong was sounded to symbolize the official opening of those 10th World Championships of Freestyle Skating. All the delgations were then invited to sit down and enjoy a show of Muay Thai and a show of freestyle dancing choreographed by Korean Kim Sung Jin.

WSSA Award Ceremony

The opening ceremony was followed by an opening dinner with the traditional WSSA award ceremony.
The principle is easy: the skaters of the WSSA Series vote for their laureates in several categories, and others are chosen by the WSSA at the light of the season.

Cérémonie d'ouverture

Here is the full list of the 2016 WSSA Laureates


Best Teams (WSSA Choice)

  • Best country in Slide: Russia, Spain, China
  • Best country in Freestyle Slalom: Russia, France, Poland
  • Best country in Speed Slalom: France, Poland, China
  • Best country in Free Jump: France, Italy, Russia

Laureates (WSSA Choice)

  • Best Slalom Trick: Artyom Puzanov (Russia) with Toe Christie Seven
  • Best Slide: Huang Hai Yang (China) with Toe Toe Cowboy to Toe Toe Unity
  • Best Freejumper of the Year: Maeliss Conan (France)
  • Best Event in Africa: Battle Africa 2015
  • Best Event in the American Continent: WSS Brazil 4 Fortaleza
  • Best DJ: Fabrizio Russo
  • Best Speaker: Dams Linda
  • "Media" Special Award: Caroll Wong

Laureates (Competitors' Choice)

  • High Jump: Thomas Rataud (France)
  • Men's Freestyle Slalom: Sergey Timchenko (Russia)
  • Women's Freestyle Slalom: Daria Kuznetsova (Russia)
  • Junior Men's Freestyle Slalom: Zhang Hao (China)
  • Junior Women's Freestyle Slalom: Sofia Bogdanova (Russia)
  • Men's Speed Slalom: Brivio Savio (Italy)
  • Women's Speed Slalom: Zoé Granjon (France)
  • Junior Men's Speed Slalom: Ranjbar Vakili Pedram (Austria)
  • Junior Women's Speed Slalom: Lily Granjon (France)
  • Men's Slides: Nelson Carlos (Spain)
  • Women's Slides: Hotsko Bohdana (Russia)
  • Most Promising Male Skater: Lissoni Alessandro
  • Most Promising Female Skater: Bamatter Rodriguez Olga
  • Best Event in Europe: Paris Slalom World Cup (France)
  • Best Event in Asia: Shanghai Slalom Open (China)

Best Event Video: PSWC 2016 Paris, by Jeremy Vallauri

PSWC 2016 Paris, France from SEBASKATES on Vimeo.

Best Skater Video: Angry Girl (Sofia Bogdanova Profile), by DoctorFilm

Angry Girl (Sofia Bogdanova - Profile) from DoctorFilm on Vimeo.

Special Award for Best Video: "Respect" Freestyle slalom Team Italy par YJS-Rolling K

The second day will be dedicated to the competitions of Classic and Pair Freestyle Slalom!

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