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Testing the Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frames

Testing the Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frames

Thierry Feutrier and David Detrau had the opportunity to test the Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frames during their training camp in Geisingen. Here are their feedbacks...

By  Thierry FEUTRIER

Thierry Feutrier and David Detrau's feedbacks

Platine Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mmDuring the training camp organized by Ewen Fernandez in the Geisingen speed skating track (Germany), I had the opportunity to test those Colombian frames that are not much known in Europe. And yet, this brand equips a lot of South-American world champions.

Design / Finish

These frames are black, made of extruded aluminum, with a clean finish (no laser effect or superfluous shiny effect), a white and sober marking, simple lines, small holes: they look sturdy.
Also available in white.

This model has two interaxial spacings: 165 or 195 mm, which should meet the needs of fitness or freeride boot lovers. Note: the oblong holes are across.


They are stiff: 4 bridges for 3 wheels, the least to say is that there's no room for weakness. Every inch of the 12''6 of its length is compact and rigid: the ends hardly move when you press the sides with your thumb and index finger. The bridges are quite low, but have a good height, which is pretty unusual.

Platine Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mm


Platine Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mmThe Flyke Neutrino frame measures 12''6 (320 mm). It has become quite a standard size for 3x125 frames, suiting most skaters, whatever their body types. For bigger skaters, it's all the more maneuverable. For the rest, it's a comfortable length to gain speed.

The rear bridges are 60 mm high and the front bridges, 45 mm high, which tilts the frame forward, for better speed-ups and starts.

Despite all its reinforcements, the Flyke Neutrino only weights 219 grams, which is quite light and close to other similar models (the 3x125 Triple X weighs 227 grams for 12''6, the 3x125 Bont CXXV weighs 220 grams for 12''8, the 3x125 Vi Alu weighs 222 grams for 12''2, the carbon 3x125 EOSkates weighs 135 grams).


It was easy to mount them on my molded Sierra boots, I didn't even have to take the wheels off. There were 2 mm left between the 2nd wheel and the shell. Thanks to the 165 mm interaxial spacing, long distance skaters can mount higher cut fitness or freeride boots. It was less easy to pass the screw head to fix the front of the frame, because of the 2nd bridge, but I managed in the end.


It's sturdy! I could feel it as soon as the first bends I took on the Geisingen track, where I skated up to 40 kph with this set-up. Leaning only on one foot, either the inside or the outside foot, to pass the curve (with speed), I am more stable than with my 3x125 / 4x110 mm Cadomotus TR-5. Proof that comparing can be interesting sometimes.


The Neutrinos are just as handy as they seem: their length (12''6) allows them to slalom within a pack, and their rigidity makes them extremely stable in curves — no rail-like sensation but the feeling of being safe while rolling.

With use

Those frames are indeed very interesting! Good response in the push, very stable at high speed in the stream of the pack of the ROCS (and believe me, we're talking about 38-40 kph in the curves, here).
They are incredibly quick for standing starts, probably because of their small size and forward tilting.
I had never heard of the brand, but I find this product extremely satisfying and compact, they are easy to cross over with, and you can hold the position for a long time even when rolling straight.


For €189 at the Rollertech, the Flyke frames have serious assets. This brand may not be well distributed in Europe, but given the results of the South-American skaters at the World Championships, I think they're worth the try. The design of the 3x125 model is a success, that should be suitable for fitness and speed skaters.

Platine Flyke Neutrino 3x125 mm

Strong Points and Point to Be Improved

 Points forts

Les plus

+ price
+ compact
+ double interaxial spacing

points à améliorer 

Les moins

- only one size available
- not aesthetically pleasing

Technical Facts

Brand: Flyke
Model: Neutrino
Wheel Diameter: 3x125 mm
Material: 7000 extruded aluminum
Length: 12''6 (320 mm)
Mounting: both 165 mm and 195 mm
Axles: 7075 aluminum simple 8 mm axles
Front Bridge: 45 mm
Back Bridge: 60 mm
Weight: 219 grams
Public Price: €189
Package: With axles and fixing screws — available in black or white
Recommended Use: Versatile, for speed skating, track, or fitness skating.

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By Thierry Feutrier and David Detrau
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