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Nations that dominate the roller inline hockey

Nations that dominate the roller inline hockey

The Czech Republic has marked the world of roller hockey for many years by its performances in all categories. Sébastien Marpeau explains the strengths of this Eastern country...

By  Sébastien MARPEAU

The roller hockey and the Czech Republic, by Sébastien Marpeau

Patrik SebekA presence in all categories

The Czech Republic has already demonstrated its dominance for many years. In 2015 the nation crowned its pioneering role with the victories in all categories: the ladies, the men, the juniors and seniors, as well as the Masters!

The culture of the roller hockey in the Czech Republic

This small country with only 10 million inhabitants can count on a strong team in the ice hockey. A big variety of ice hockey players can compete at the NHL or at various national championships.
The roller hockey benefits indirectly of this great potential in the ice hockey, as the summer is the off-season of the ice hockey players. Thus, the roller hockey is a financial and sporting bridging of the summer for these ice hockey athletes. There are also a large number of Czech ice hockey players at the French national championships.

USA as the main country of the roller hockey

L'équipe du Canada contre la France au mondial 2009In the US, there are a large variety of private leagues that allows a yearlong season in the roller hockey. This turns out to be critical because of the overlapping of the professional tournaments with the selection for the national team. An annual changing national team is the result.

Canada always present

Canada scores above all in the women's matches with their professional players. But the structure is still not quite mature in order to participate in the world class.

France, best European nation

At the European level, France is at the forefront, as reflected in the results of the European Championship of the men's U18 and senior women in Roana (Italy) in 2015.

Spain is coming

After changing the structure of its formation, Spain is getting better step-by-step.

Also Italy is coming closer to the top level with small steps, especially at the World Championships 2016 in their home country (Roana, Italy).

There are still a multitude of other nations, such as Sweden, Latvia or England... In the roller hockey there are still problems with the double federation of the IIHF. If the world organization would concentrate on one federation, a wider perspective for this great sport would be apparent.

L'Espagne, vainqueure de la Coupe du Monde de Roller hockey 2016

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Sébastien Marpeau est patineur engagé dans le monde du roller hockey. Il a notamment géré le club de Vitry-le-François depuis de nombreuses années, il arbitre mais est également bénévole en charge de la communication du Comité International de Roller Hockey.


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