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A sneaky look into the future: How could the roller sport look like in 2020?

A sneaky look into the future: How could the roller sport look like in 2020?

The development is going into the right direction, so we try to guess how it will be...


Let's do a journey into the future

Inline Speed-skating

Course sur pisteDue to the rising average size of the younger generation, the new standard wheel size in marathons will be 3x150mm. The four-wheel system will still be the favorite choice on track racing. World championships will only take part every second year. The federations don't have the necessary money anymore to support the national teams. To ease the competition-calendar the road races got cancelled. Track racing is a lot more attractive to show on TV- there is more action. The 100m will disappear off the timetables. Who wants to skate the 100m if you will never be able to beat the super record of Usain Bolt (9''50)?

Artistic skating

Quad skates will still be used, but kids will more and more change to inline skates, because there will be more possibilities to take part at international races in every category.
Athletes start solo, in pairs (mixed or same gender) or in groups.
Former ice and inline artistic skater made a common training location possible. Due to the global warming, ice skaters will be forced to travel to northern countries if they can afford it financially. A special ground got invented so ice and inliners can train in the same location. Because of economical and success reasons the roller discos will be more famous. Those new locations make a common use of artistic skaters and roller dancers possible. During the day, schools will come over and use it for projects. Furthermore it will be possible to use it as hockey rink and other non-sportive occasions.

Inline hockey

Roller HockeyFinally no smelly uniforms anymore: a smart inventor created a new product that kills all kind of stinky bacterias.
But now back to the serious part: the financial maintenance of those inline hockey buildings is increasing into the impossible, so they transformed those gyms into multifunctional locations. The best hockey nations start playing on a synthetic ground that can be used by ice-hockey and inline-hockey players. The Czech Republic the USA and Canada are still the leading nations worldwide. But Russia, Finland and Sweden will catch up strongly. They got a delayed financial help and could make some important investigations.
Southern countries can play under more professional conditions and are catching up as well.
Becoming member of the national team is strongly desired and very hart to become. A professional league will be rised and buying players will cost millions.

Rink hockey

Due to the professional teams in Portugal, Spain and Italy, the sport disappears in the countries of northern Europe. In former Portuguese and Spanish colonies in Africa will be created a new rink-hockey tradition. They will buy some promising players from Angola or Mozambique.
There will be a new Pan-American championship where also European countries will take part. International TV-stations will start fighting for the rights of that championship.

Journeys on skates

Roller longue distanceBecause of the increasing contamination in the cities, vehicles will be banned from the roads and skates will find their way up as one of the main mean of transport. The alternative means of transport went through some development. Electronical boards like hover boards, skateboards and Segways get more and more in use.

Endurance and long distances on skates

All long distance lovers will be happy to hear that that roads for skaters will be built and connect European countries. They are made out of an ecological product which allows a good roll and won't slip. The skates will be different too. They will fit like a custom boot after the first try. The energy that arises from the spin of the wheels will be used for GPS, mobile phones, camera drones...


Skatecross will be similar to snowboard cross. It will be part of the Olympic Games in 2028. They will use the same competition location as the BMX racer. It will be tracks with a layer. BMX and Skatecross clubs will merge and practice on the same locations.Piste BMX race de Saint-Quentin en Yvelines par Protracks

Aggressive skating

Jet Set Radio FutureAfter a lot of complains about the damage that is caused by aggressive skaters in the cities, architects invented a new form to integrate street skaters in the urban life. With that new idea, street skaters will not be forced to stay only in the skate parks anymore.

Freestyle slalom

The age average is sinking more and more and the Asians will be dominating this sport. Only Russians seem keeping up with them.

Downhill skating

Downhill competitions will take place in the cities. Events will be combine a few sports like skating, soapbox or sled races. All on wheels of course. The participants will put folklore clothes on to make it funnier for themselves and the public too.

E-sport on skates

There will be virtual skating competitions like street skating. The participants will need to make the coolest tricks on elements that will be built by the public. The rider will fill entire stades and make a huge show. A big price money will wait for the winner.
Doping fraud cases will be controlled very strictly.

And you, how do you see the future of Roller Sport? Comment below and share your ideas! 

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