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Test of the Cadomotus DualBox®5 3x125mm frame

Test of the Cadomotus DualBox®5 3x125mm frame

In 2016 Cadomotus produced a new inline speed skating frame called DualBox 5. Thierry Feutrier did some testing with it and tells us here what he found out...

By  Thierry FEUTRIER


Cadomotus Dualbox5 3x125 mm

Until now, only the French brand EOSkates produced 3x125mm speed skating frames with that size.


Cadomotus Dualbox5 3x125 mmThe Cadomotus DualBox 5 does have a very clean construction with a lot of slots and holes and without any stability enforcement. I guess you will wonder how it still guaranties you stiffness and stability. Its due to the DualBox system, young Padawan! The hollowed frame (like a straw) gives the stability and stiffness that is needed.

Possibility of adjustment

Various across slots give the possibility to mount your frame on 195mm, 165m or 150mm boots.


The Cadomotus DualBox 3x125mm frame is produced in 13", 12" and 12,6". This variety makes it interesting for every type of skater. It can be for a competition or fitness skater and for men or women. On the skale it brings up 201 grams. In comparison to other frames this one is a very light one. (ignoring the carbon frames).
In the front it measures 51mm and in the back 63mm of height. You won't need any plates so your wheel doesn't touch the bottom of the shoe. Therefore, you will stay a little higher than usual.


It is difficult to find a frame on such a stiffness level although they didn't use a lot of material. It will for sure be very light and stiff.


The Cadomotus DualBox frame is perfectly processed. The surface is smooth and the angles are rounded off very softly, I love it. The axels that it comes with are hollowed as well. It saves some weight and allows a super light construction.

Cadomotus Dualbox5 3x125 mm

Testing in action

After having skated the Cadomotus TR5 in 13,2" before I was excited to see how it feels with the DualBox 13". I needed some time to find the right position for the frame. I decided to put it on the very inside (for the first time). Is it due to the height? But it normally matches with the hight of the TR5.
In general, I find it harder to accelerate on that frame. But Youb Solo finds it easier to practise starts with. For sure I feel more stable then before and little like standing on a stage. I feel the frame is giving feedback to every move my ankle makes.
For sure you will think the feeling will be like on rails. But it is not true. When I skate downhill I need agility and this frame makes it possible althought its length. It is similar to the EO frames. It is very important to take care of skating with a clear technique so you can even accelerate uphill. It really only works with a good technique.
I feel very comfortable on my hometown roads with that frame. It is a similar comfort as the TR5 but the transmission from power to speed is a lot better.
I'm just done with a 4 hours indoor session with Youb Solo. It was a huge experience for me because of the height and stiffness. And let's say my technique is not really indoor-proved either. Also the difference between three and four wheels is remarkable. It has been an interesting experience but I won't recommend the use for Indoor skating.

Value for money / conclusion

275€ is a pretty high price but it comes with that new construction. The different lengths are very interesting for all the different kinds of skaters like mentioned above.

Cadomotus Dualbox5 3x125 mm

Pro / Cons


+ different lengths
+ comfort
+ stiffness
+ agility


- Price
- Height
- Stiffness for indoor skating


Brand: Cadomotus
Model: DualBox 5
Year: 2016-2017
Matter: Aluminum
Wheel size: 3x125 or smaller
Mounting space: 195mm, 165mm, 150mm
Length: 13", 12,8", 12,6"
Weight: 201 grams
Front deck height: 51mm
Rear deck height: 63mm
Price: 275€
Recommended use: Marathon, long distance 125mm wheels


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