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Interview with Mathilde Monneron an excellent and multifaced skater

Interview with Mathilde Monneron an excellent and multifaced skater

Mathilde Monneron is part of a little group of skaters that doesn't only compete in one discipline. Every discipline allows her to develop her technical skills and learn more about skating. The interview...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER


Hey Mathilde, how did you discover skating?

Mathilde Monneron - Simonneedham photoprahFirst of all, hello to everyone! I started at the age of 12. At school I used to play street hockey. Then they started building a skate park right next to where we played street hockey. I got curious so I started playing around with those different elements and so the enthusiasm got me! I didn't wanted to leave the skate park anymore. I could have stayed there for days - just me, my sandwich and dinner (laughs). I made new mates and friends. That's how it all started.

As written above, you're not only doing one discipline, so tell us about them..?

Yes that's right, I'm kinda doing everything on skates. I just love to make my skates glow. My goal is to become a great all-rounder. I only doubt about my ability in slalom (because of the need of agility). Since two years now I was also trying quad skating (the traditional skates). I am team member of the Moxi Team! We do RollerDerby in Aubenas, we're called: the criminal nurses. We even took part at the French championship.
When my timetable allows it, I'm participating at competitions of the Seba Beton On Fire: skating down a bobslide course. For now I only could go there once. It was 2015 and the most impressive adrenaline adventure I have ever experienced. It was just super crazy and I recommend it to everyone.
Beside that I am also doing skate cross and street inline, but at the moment there is no spare time. Quad skating is my focus for now.
In winter I go freeride skiing and in summer I do some downhill biking.

What do all those different types of sports bring you?

It is a priceless exhaustion. Testing the limits of the skates, mountain bike, quads, and ski gives me the feeling of freedom. It means the connection to freedom for me. I am always looking for that unique sensation. Furthermore I find it very exciting to know all those new people from different countries and cultures. It became a real family for me and helped me to grow personally.

Would you like to try more types of skating sports?

Like I said above, I do not really see me doing slalom or even artistic skating - I don't have that elegance (laughs). But since two years I really want to try downhill skating. Too bad it didn't work yet.

You always seem to be happy during your training sessions. Is it never hard for you to go to training?

(Laughs) That is exactly the point I don't like. I never thought about it as training. I go when my motivation is on point. I know my friends are there and we're gonna have fun and enjoy the time together. That's also the difference with Roller Derby. Here we have fixed training times due to the team and booked room slots. I need to get used to that fact. But it's fun so I don't need to force me. I enjoy!

Mathilde Monneron - Gnaf

What is your secret of doing sport at that level and work at the same time?

I am working as nurse since one and a half years now and it's getting more and more difficult to get everything done. I am also working every second weekend what makes it complicated for the competitions. Luckily I have a very comprehensive Team at work. They always try to help me as much as they can. But doing all those activities is very exhausting too. I barely have time for resting or seeing my family. I always say to myself, I have to make the most out of it as long as I can. When I'm dead I will have enough time to sleep.

Mathilde Monneron - Marc Fremont

What does a typical week look like for you?

I always work either in the morning or in the evening. In between I go to the skate park or to the pumptrack near my house (smile). On Thursday I go to the Derby training. Crossfit sessions two or three times a week. On my free weekends I go to competitions. The spare free time is reserved for friends, family, reading or cooking.

Is there an athlete that inspires you?

There is no specific athlete, but I like people that really enjoy their sport. In street skating I actually so have my little favorites: Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer, Alex Broskow...

Mathilde Monneron - Booga Hellka

What are your goals for the future?

Pretty soon, 14th of January, I will take part at the Crashed ICE 2017 in Marseille (France). It will not be inline but ice skates. After the Seba Beton On Fire this will be the biggest challenge of my life. I was lucky I got a wild card for that event! I'm trying to tell myself that it will be like in cross skating- but these downhills will kick some ass! And let's be honest- I am not very ice proved yet. That's why I am non-stop skating on ice since two weeks now. I got a coach that is taking care of me. But since I only knew about it three weeks before the actual competitions, there is not a lot of time left :) but it doesn't matter, we will see how it goes.
Apart from that I would like to improve my downhill skills. A friend of mine owns a horse so we want to try Roller Joering. This will be fun :)

The stage is free: tell us about a subject you want to talk about...

I would like to talk about women sport, especially in street skating. I already can see a development and it keeps growing. At this point I want to say thank you to everyone that believes in women sport and helps it to grow. In RollerDerby it is different because it's based on women sport. But it's nice to see more and more girls coming to our skate parks and enjoy skating. So girls, keep on going!! :)
A big shout out also to all my sponsors: Seba Skates, Hawaii Surf, Moxi Rollerskates and Radnuts.

Mathilde Monneron - Booga Hellka

Fact sheet

Mathilde Monneron - Marc FremontFamily Name: Monneron
First Name: Mathilde
Date of birth: 5th of july 1985
GEBURTSORT: Valence (26)
Size: 1,67m
Weight: 53kg
Country: France
Hometown: Valence (Drôme)
First steps on skates: 1997
Category: senior ladies
Studies: Master 1 STAPS, diplome nurse
Strength: dynamic, optimism
Waekness: being in time
Other sports: skiing, mountainbike, enduro (motor sports), diving
Last movie seen: Demian (Mélanie Laurent)
Favourite music: Beach Boys! Rock of the 40-60s
Videogames: Mario Kart, good times
Books: international newspaper, Le XXL, Le 6 mois, Libérez votre cerveau (Idriss Aberkane), Le charme discret de l'intestin (Giulia Enders), Cosmos (Michel Onfray) , Novelle consciense pour un monde en crise (Jeremy Rifkin)
I like: slide sport, people, sharing
I don't like: being lonley
Club/ team: Roller S Valence (Club) , Criminal Nurses: Derby Aubenas (07)
Favourite memory: First world champion title in skatecross in Shanghai
Languages: french, trying my best in english
Alkohol or fruit juice? a little of both
Beach or mountain? Mountain!
Morning or evening? Evening
Cheese or dessert? Cheese
Rap, metal or techno? Rap, but Rock is still my favourite
Football or rugby? Rugby
List of achievements:
- 4x world champion in skate cross (2013 to 2016)
- 3. SEBA Beton In Fire Lassen Plagne 2015
- French champion - bowl (2009, 2012, 2013)
- French champion - street 2010 GAP
- 1. FISE Montpellier 2012
- 1. Street Bowl Contest Lausanne (2010, 2011, 2015)
- 3. Winterclash 2010 (Berlin) 

Mathilde Monneron - Booga Hellka


Photos : Booga Hellka
Simonneedham photopra
Gnaf et Marc Fremont
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