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Interview with Laethisia Shimek (Germany) - member of Powerslide Matter World Team

Interview with Laethisia Shimek (Germany) - member of Powerslide Matter World Team

Laethisia Shimek (Team Powerslide Matter) got a bronze medal during the 2016 World Inline Speed Skating Championships in Nanjing (China). Her next goals: the 2016 World Games in Poland and the Roller Games in China. Portrait...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER


Hello Laethisia, thank you for your time. First of all: how did you start Inline Speed-Skating?

Laethisia ShimekMy two older brothers went to training every week. I wanted to do the same thing as them so someday I joined in and since then never wanted to quit.

Why sprint and no other discipline?

When I was younger I used to race sprints as well the long distances. But when I started racing Junior European-Championships I needed to chose. It was not easy because I liked both. But I loved too much the sensation of adrenaline and excitement in sprint races. So I became a real sprinter.

Did you ever try other sports?

Yes I did start Ice Skating in 2012. My times were not bad and my process was good. But the difficult training conditions forced me to take a step back two years ago.

Would you like to try other sports?

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a gymnast. Now it would be a little late to start it ;) But otherwise I'm interested in athletics, maybe I'm giving it a try sometime.

How do you combine work, studies and exams with your high sport level?

I'm in a special sports-group at the police in Germany (Hessen). The studies take 4,5 years instead of 3, so we have more time we can spend on training, training camps and competitions. In a few days I will finish my studies and join the criminal police near my home town. This will be perfect training conditions. A dream finally comes true!

Can you describe a normal week for you?

A normal day starts with the morning session around 6/7 am so I can be right in time for classes. After classes I go home, eat and leave to the next session. The day ist totally filled with activity but in the evening is normally free so I can relax and recover. This is my daily routine.

Laethisia Shimek

Is there an athlete that inspires you?

Laethisia ShimekFor sure when I was younger there was. But since I'm racing against them and also beating them, my focus has changed. It became more about my progress, then admiring someone for theirs.

Does Inline-Speedskating play an important role in Germany? Is it popular?

Unfortunately its not big at all in Germany. People don't know it and I mostly need to explain what this sport is about. Off course you can see some fitness-skaters in the streets, but that has nothing to do with our professional sport. We have three bigger centers: Groß-Gerau, Gera and Geisingen. There are also smaller clubs but there is a lack of financial possibilities to make it improve.

Do the German media show interest for your sport?

After bigger events we do have some articles in the local newspapers. Luckily my club is very involved with that. In other medias like TV we have almost no chance to get a time slot. The sport program is made 99% of soccer. The public stations mostly retired also from showing the Olympic Games! Thats pauperism of sport variety in Germany! We have so much more sports to show and to be proud of...

Does the German Federation facilitate you for travels to other countries?

We do get some financial help from the federation. This year, thanks to the World Games, we get the opportunity to go to various training camps and a part will be paid. But there is always a rest we need to pay ourselves.

You are sponsored by Powerslide since a couple of years now. How did it come?

I have always been dreaming of racing for a team. When I stepped up to the senior category I applied to PS and I got lucky they were looking for a sprinter like me! I'm so glad and thankful they gave me that unique opportunity!

Tell us about your goals...

I qualified for this years World Games. I have been dreaming of it since... ever! So I will prepare perfectly to be at 100% for this special event. The same counts for the Roller Games!

The stage is free: if you could talk to us about something that is meaningful to you...

I would talk about the fascination of our sport to make it more popular! It's an exciting mix of speed, technique, taktics, team spirit and so much more. Everyone who has watched a competition has been amazed by the dynamic during the races. So why not show it to everyone ?!

Laethisia Shimek


Laethisia ShimekName: Schimek
Given name: Laethisia
Date of birth: 05th of december 1992
Birthplace: Groß-Gerau
Size: 163cm
Weight: doesn't matter
Country: Germany
Residence: Groß-Gerau
First steps on skates: age of 2
Category: senior ladies
Studies: Bachelor of Arts- Police Service
Strength: discipline
Feebleness: top speed- never fast enough! ;)
Other sports: not enough time
Last movie seen: Star Wars V
Favourite music: a little bit of everything
Video games: none
Books: fantasy
I like: improvement
I don't like: to stagnate
Qualities: motivation, persistensy
Deficiency: a little too self-critical
Club/ team: Blau gelb Groß-Gerau/ Powerslide Matter World Team
Fondest memory: there is a lot! For example my first individual medals at European and World Championships
Worst memory: oooohh..
Languages: German, French, English, Spanish
Alcohol or fruit juice? Fruit juice
Beach or mountains? Mountains!
Morning or evening? Depends on the cause
Cheese or dessert? Dessert
Rap, metal or techno? Rap
Football or rugby? Rugby
Achievements: Last season 2016: 3rd at World Championships 100m, 1st st European Championship 100m, 500m; and some more...


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