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2017 FIRS congress (International Federation of Roller Sports) in Nanjing (China)

2017 FIRS congress (International Federation of Roller Sports) in Nanjing (China)

This year's FIRS congress took place the 11th of March in Nanjing, China. This city is organizing the first Roller Games in summer 2017. Sabatino Aracu is the only candidate for the function as president of the FIRS and he will use this occasion to present his new crew and explain his goals for the upcoming four years...


Direction China

Sabatino AracuAll FIRS members will be hosted in the Hilton Riverside Hotel in Nanjing. There will be members from over 100 national federations and they will have the opportunity to visit the skating museum (founded in September 2016) and the competition areas of 2017s Roller Games. Nanjing is the capital of roller sports.

Sabatino Aracu (Italy) will defend his position as president which he is since 2005. He will present his new crew and shows himself very positive looking into the future: the Olympic dream with skateboarding becoming Olympic (2020) and the goal to get more skating sports into the Olympic program for Buenos Aires 2018 and also the first two Roller Games.

New faces

There will be some new faces but they won't be inexperienced in roller sports: each of them has already been involved with roller sport and its development.

The position as vice-president is still fought. It will be between two South Americans. On one hand there is Ricardo Grin (Argentina) - he is director of CeNard (National Top Athletes Centre in Argentina) and on the other hand there is Mr Moacyr Neuschwandener (Brazil) who is currently president of the Brazilian hockey and inline federation.

Almost half of the crew got exchanged by new members and the increasing number of freestyle, slalom and aggressive representatives will be remarkable.

Members of the Sabatino Aracu crew

Zigi ZiestlerSiegried Ziestler

FIRS Roller Alpine and Downhill Committee

  • Born in: 21 march 1959
  • Country: Germany

Since 2000 Mr Ziestler is active in roller sports although it wasn't famous in the beginnings. Since 15 years he is helping the development of alpine and downhill skating (WIAC).

Eddie ChuaEddie Chua

FIRS Inline Freestyle Technical Committee

  • Born in:  3. September 1966
  • Country: Singapore

Mr Chua is working for the freestyle section since several years. He has been one of the co- founders of the new sport rules in 2003 and is helping the development for 20 years now.
He also helped organizing the world championships in the last 10 years (World Inline Freestyle Skating Championship). He is president of the federation and member of the CARS EB.

Olivier PascalOlivier Pascal

(Replacement of Titus Dittmann)

FIRS Skateboarding Technical Committee

  • Born in: 25 June 1979
  • Country: France

Skateboarding became his first sport and passion in 1985. Until today he is practicing with his five year old son.
2001 he integrated Hurricane Sport Company and was part of the development team FISE and organized the FISE World Series. Today he is the director of the development. He changed from being chairman in freestyle to skateboarding.

Jorge RoldanJorge Ivan Roldan Perez

FIRS Speed Technical Committee

  • Born in: 21 November 1969
  • Country: Colombia

In 1995 Mr Roldan entered the world of skating with leading the "Escuela de iniciacion y formacion deporeva". He also has been the sport director of "Liga de Aneoquia". He leads the national committee in 2005 and became the sports director of the Colombian federation in 2008 and is also vice-president.

The new crew-members

Nicola GenchiNicola Genchi

(Replacement of Margarett Brooks)

FIRS Artistic Committee

  • Born in: 27. May 1970
  • Country: Italy

He has been himself artistic skater in solo and duo from 1979 to 18989. He was national referee from 1989 to 1998. Since 2015 he is working in the technical committee of artistic skating and is responsible for referee seminar. He has been involved with the new software RollArt.

Alberto LastrucciAlberto Lastrucci

  • Born in: 11 July 1953
  • Country: France

In the early 90s he entered the inline hockey world. It is the time when inline hockey was growing the most in France. He acted as coach, national referee (since 1999) and is also member of the French Inline Hockey Committee. 2009 he got asked by Mr Portier to work at his side in the hockey committee.
2010 he founded with Mr Blanchet a Masters World Cup with about 38 participants.

Fernando RegueiroFernando Regueiro

FIRS Roller Derby Technical Committee

  • Born in: 9. October 1975
  • Country: USA

Mr Regueiro is known in the roller derby scene since 10 years now and he worked in various leading positions to make the sport grow. He was member of the US-federation and also in the technical committee. He is manager of the Chicago Red Hots. Before this time he worked together with the Windy City Rollers.

Interview with Fernando Regueiro, Roller Derby Committee Chairman

Idroose Tambarin

FIRS Roller Freestyle Technical Committee

  • Born in: 9 June 1977
  • Country: Malaysia

1990 Mr Tambarin started as an aggressive skater. He got sponsored by an international brand and got the representative face for it in 2001. He was lucky to be able to train in one of the biggest skate parks in the world: Kuala Lumpur. 2010 he founded MARS, which helped the Malaysian sport growing.

Candidates for vice-presidents

Ricardo GrinRicardo Grin

  • Born in: 5 may 1952
  • Country: Argentina

Mr Grin has recourse to national and international experiences. He has been Sports Director and president of the national committee. He was also member of the FIRS speed-section and president of the Pan-American confederation. Right now he is director of the CeNard (National Top Athletes Centre) and vice-president of the CAP.

Moacyr NeuenschwanderMoacyr Neuenschwander Junior

  • Born in: 12 February 1960
  • Country: Brasil

The past 46 years he changed between being rink hockey player, coach and sports manager. Since 2005 he is working as president of brasilian roller sport and will it be until 2020. He has also been member of the technical committee in rink hockey. During that time he organized two world championships in rink hockey.


The FIRS, the International Federation of Roller Sports: From its origins to our time

2015 Annual Congress of the FIRS

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