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Guided Tour of the 2017 Roller Games Facilities in Nanjing, China (2/3)

Guided Tour of the 2017 Roller Games Facilities in Nanjing, China (2/3)

Part Two of our guided tour of the facilities and fittings of the 2017 Roller Games in Nanjing, China. Here are the places and spots hosting the opening ceremony, the aggressive skating and skateboarding, and the rink hockey events.

By  Alexandre LEBRUN

Part Two

Opening Ceremony: Olympic Sports Center

With 12.000 seats, the multipurpose hall is ideally located downtown, easily reachable by metro. There is an integrated ice rink under the wood floor, for events of ice hockey and the likes.
The Opening Ceremony of the 2017 Roller Games will take place on September 2nd.

Olympic Sport centre

Musée OlympiqueWorld Roller Museum

The Roller Museum is integrated in the Olympic Museum of Nanjing. After a first tour in the Olympics area, a whole 200 m2 section is dedicated to skating.
The section is divided into parts for each discipline with photos and videos, old and new equipment, but also FIRS medals of previous editions of world championships.
The visitor is invited to interact through virtual reality helmets, and various balance games, on foot or skateboard. All in all, a great showcase for skating.

Musée du roller à Nanjing


Musée du roller à NanjingAggressive Skating & Skateboarding: Nanjing 2014 Sports Lab

Located outdoors, the area isn't high-footfall. The small concrete skatepark in the middle will be used for the skateboard event, with an additional area that will be created to double the size of the park.
As for aggressive skating, another area will be built from scratch with bigger modules. The pictures are not representative of the final fittings, the 3D plans were not yet finalized.

Rink Hockey 1: Longjiang Gymnasium

Located downtown, the gymnasium has a parquet floor and a capacity of 3.000 seats.
This will be the second place for the Rink Hockey event of the Roller Games.

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