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Which Off-Road Skates? For What Use?

Which Off-Road Skates? For What Use?

There are more and more Off-Road models on the market, especially in the Powerslide catalog. Let's seize the opportunity and take stock of the possible uses of those not-so-common skates...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Tell Me What You Want to Do, I'll Tell You Which Skates to Choose...

Roller tractéThere are two main types of Off-Road models on the market:

Compact Skates With 3 Wheels: The Classic Type

At the image of the Rollerblade Coyote of the end of the 90's, the design of 3-wheel models is quite close to that of classic inline skates. Which means that they perform in quite a similar way to that of urban models with big-wheel set-ups.

They can be used for classic skating, preferably on flat hard grounds and dirt roads. Their potential is better expressed in slopes when practicing downhill, like mountain bikes.

They can also be used on BMX Race tracks with stabilized soils, where they will pass moguls just like classic freeride skates.

Last but not least, if you're a thrill seeker and forest or mountain paths are not enough for you anymore, you can have a go at land kiting! Warning: you need to master the kite as well as your skates, which is no mean feat...

Models With 2 Distant Wheels: The Nordic Skating Type

Those Off-Road models are rather designed for endurance on dirt roads or in forests. They are usually used with sticks to reproduce a move close to that of country skiing.

We would advise you against using them downhill because of the lack of maneuverability, due to the total length of their wheelbase. They don't make it easy to turn!

Moreover, their ground clearance doesn't destine them for freeskating, the frame being too low and close to the ground for them to pass obstacles. Forget about mogul fields and BMX tracks, focus on dirt roads, forests and towpaths.

Avoid Asphalt

With both types of models, classic compact 3-wheeled or Nordic Skating/Nordic Blading 2-wheeled, it is preferable not to skate too much on asphalt because the soft rubber of the tires wears off way faster.

The 2017 Powerslide Collection

Nordic SkatingThe Powerslide collection has 4 models of Nordic-Skating and 3 3-wheeled models.

The Nordic Skating Models

Grave Digger Off-Road: a comfortable unisex model set up with 200 mm wheels. It is the first off-road model designed with Powerslide's Trinity System.
XC Patch Off-Road: this skate has a 150 mm wheel set-up and is designed for endurance, with the ATOP 360° quick closure system and a heat moldable MyFit liner.
XC Trainer Off-Road: this model also has 150 mm wheels, and is recommended for endurance training, with its ATOP 360° closure system and heat moldable liner.
XC Skeleton Off-Road: the particularity of the Powerslide XC Skeleton Pro is the use of the Xsjado boot, allowing you to slip your own shoes into your skates. They are destined to leisure Nordic Skating.
XC Trail Off-Road: a simple design for a hard boot with micrometric buckle mounted on 150 mm wheels. It is the basic model of Powerslide's Nordic Skating range, less suitable for long-distance skating.

The Classic 3-Wheel Off-Road Models

• Kaze SUV 150 Off-Road: the Kazes have 150 mm wheels, the biggest of the range, so that they are better at passing obstacles than the other models. They have a comfy ergonomic shell, wrapping the whole foot. They are suitable for all uses: downhill, BMX track, Nordic training with sticks.
Imperial SUV 125 Off-Road: the wheels of the Powerslide Imperial SUV 125 are smaller, and you gain in maneuverability, but are less performant on damaged grounds. On the other hand, the Imperial shell offers better support than that of the Kazes' — which makes the Imperial SUV very precise and reactive.
Metropolis 125 Off-Road: they have the same Metropolis shell as the XC Trails. A more basic and raw model, completed by 125 mm wheels and shock absorbers.

Gamme tout-terrain Powerslide 2017

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