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Beginner's Guide to the 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller

Beginner's Guide to the 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller

With over 100.000 participants since their creation, counting all editions, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller gather each year thousands of skaters, beginners and pros. If you've never taken part in the event, here are a few useful tips...

By  Aurélien GACHET

The 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller: What Is It?

Un beau peloton !From a hundred teams competing for the first edition to the thousands of participants taking the start today, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller have evolved a lot!

And yet, the original spirit mixing novices and experts teams lives on, despite the extraordinary size of the event, which has become the biggest in the world after the Berlin Skating Marathon.

How incredible is it to skate for a few meters in the slipstream of Bart Swings or Yann Guyader? How impressive it is to get passed by those rockets gliding effortlessly, giving you the feeling of skating on a treadmill?

Registrations and Race Formats

You can register in the different categories, either solo or team. For your first edition, it's better to join a team of 7 or 10, or a team of 11 to 12 skaters, at least just to try your hand.

A circuit lap is 4.2 km. You will do 10 to 15 laps according to the level of your team and the frequency of your relays, which makes a bit more than a marathon in total.

The Enduro category (3 to 6 skaters) is destined to expert skaters... And let's not talk about the Duos and Solos!

If you can't create a team, join a team that's not complete yet! Go have a look at the Team Mate Exchange, specially set up by the organizer of the event.

The Unfolding of the Race

11:30 AM — The Skating Parade

La parade RollerBefore the race, the skating parade gathers all the participants on the circuit. It's the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the course and take your marks.

1 PM — Setting Up in the Pad-Docks

Each participant sets up in the spot assigned by the organizer, while respecting their neighbors! The skating teams are hosted at the exact same spot that is usually filled with humming engines and busy technical crews! Each skater brings their own equipment, sleeping bag, chair, air mattress... Make sure you respect the area distribution, to avoid creating unnecessary tensions.

If you like a little comfort, you can ask for a VIP box under the tribunes! You won't need to go to the camp ground to rest, and you'll never get wet.

From 2 to 3 PM — Qualifications!

Each team chooses the skater whose mission is to make the best time in the stretch next to the stands, on the right. The better the time, the higher the spot on the starting line!

4 PM — The Start!

Your arms stand on end with the sound of the blasting music, your heart rate increases with the countdown to the start, and 600 skaters begin running barefoot towards their pairs of skates, waiting for them on the other side of the track. Some take the time to properly put their skates on, others slip them on and lace them later, at the top of the Dunlop slope. If you don't feel very comfortable, adjust your skates first!

Le grand moment du départ

At Night — Memorable Sensations

In the cool, it's the best time to skate and enjoy the feelings of freedom. In the dark, the field of vision changes and you've got the sensation of going faster. However, be careful: falls are more likely to happen when tired.

Sunrise — A Magical Moment

Around 5 AM, many are the skaters who stop for a while at the top of the Dunlop to admire the sunrise over the circuit and take a few pictures. An unforgettable moment!

The Finish

After 23 hours and 45 minutes of race (H - 15 minutes), you can't relay anymore, and the representative of the team who is on the circuit at H-15 has to skate the last 15 minutes of the race. Check the time! The race ends when the leading team crosses the finish line.

A Few Tips

Circuit Traffic

Déguisements roller Dark VadorThe circuit is used by skaters of all levels. You can be up to 600 skaters simultaneously skating on the 4.2 km of the Bugatti circuit. First of all, make sure you control your skating, keep your trajectories, and always keep an eye behind you, especially in the relay area.

Enjoyment, First of All!

Le Mans isn't an official competitive event. Some skaters have a victory and record goal in mind, but the strength of the event lies in the variety of public coexisting for 24 hours. Skaters forge links and are happy to meet again year after year. For example, the Solos exchange presents! Take the time to enjoy the atmosphere, the fancy dressing, the feeling of togetherness, the activities in the village.


You can have a good time at Le Mans, but always with respect to the people around. The event can be exhausting, and it's essential to recover in good conditions. If your neighbors lack community spirit, don't forget your earplugs...

The Village

In the village of the 24 Hours Roller, you'll find the partners of the event and skate brands, which often do solid discounts on their equipment for the occasion. If you have some shopping to do, it may be the right time!

Useful Links

Watch the Photo Gallery of the 2016 Edition

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