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Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

While visiting the facilities of the next Roller Games in Nanjing, we had the opportunity of visiting the FIRS World Roller Museum, which opened for the Speed Skating World Championships in September 2016...

By  Alexandre LEBRUN


Musée du roller à Nanjing


This skating museum is integrated into the Olympic Museum of Nanjing. After a first visit of the Olympic Games part, we arrive in a space of around 200 m2 dedicated to skating.
A visitor's guide invites us to go through 5 key points (the first letters of which form the word "skate"):


"Now, let's start our skating trip. Let's go for a little presentation of this sport on wheels, let's yield to the thrill of the sport. This ceiling is made of more than 1.000 wheels so that the visitors can feel they are inside the world of skating."

Musée du roller à Nanjing


"From indoor to outdoor, there's this great sensation of speed, which is all the more pleasurable when you can feel the wind in your hair.
In the mountains, in the streets, or indoor, all the disciplines of the roller sports are represented."

The visitor can discover the basic knowledge of skating, the different types of equipments, and skating videos. There are current and old pieces of equipment, and some FIRS medals of previous editions of World Championships.

Musée du roller à Nanjing


"In tracing the history of skating, we can find many people who put a lot into the sport and deserve to be paid tribute."

Let's make room to a quick retrospective of the history of skating. Great historical events are quoted, with a focus on the evolution of the Chinese skating history from its beginnings to competitive events.


You can interact through virtual reality helmets, on a micro ramp, playing various balance games on foot, or on a skateboard.

Musée du roller à Nanjing



The aspect of skating as a leisure/pleasure sport is also highlighted (beyond the competitive aspect of the official disciplines). It reminds the commitment of the city to this sport through skating lessons given in schools, amongst other processes.

"Telling the story of skating in Nanjing, showing the passion of skating in Nanjing. Nanjing becomes the world capital of skating, welcoming all competition and leisure skaters for them to exchange, take part in competitive events, and enjoy this exceptional sport."

All in all, a great showcase for skating.

You will find a photo gallery on mediaskates.com, if you want to have a closer look!

Musée du roller à Nanjing

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