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2017 Dijon Skating Marathon: Powerslide's Heavy Blow

2017 Dijon Skating Marathon: Powerslide's Heavy Blow

The 2017 Skating Marathon of Dijon lived up to its reputation with races at very high pace, in both men's and women's categories. Ewen Fernandez and Bart Swings crushed the race with their breakaway, and Chloé Geoffroy caused a stir at the sprint in the women's.

By  Aurélien GACHET

Recap of the International Marathon

After the veterans in the morning and the juniors in the early afternoon, make way for the international Marathon of the World Inline Cup! According to the skaters, the asphalt of the park's alleys are wearing out a little. Yet, it didn't prevent the best competitors to break records!

Bart Swings et Ewen Fernandez remportent l'édition 2017

Powerslide Nips the Men's Race in the Bud

Peter Michael (NZL, Powerslide/Matter) lits the fuse with a breakaway at the start. Guillaume de Mallevoue (FRA, Rollerblade) soon counters and catches up on him. Once the first lap completed, Ewen Fernandez attacks in turn. Behind him, Peter Michael plays for time.

Bart Swings (BEL, Powerslide/Matter) gets out of the pack and catches up on Ewen. The race seems already sealed after less than 4 km.
Guillaume de Mallevoue (Rollerblade) breaks away with Martin Ferrié (EOSkates) in his slipstream. Livio Wenger (SUI, Powerslide/Matter) gets out in turn and rejoins the two pursuers. After 5 laps, the two leaders are more than a minute ahead (1'23). Guillaume de Mallevoue, Doucelin Pédicone (FRA), Livio Wenger, and Peter Michael all seem to fight for the 3rd place. And yet, the pack catches up on them. Halfway through the race, Alexander Bastidas (VEN), Doucelin Pédicone, and Guillaume de Mallevoue try their luck without success.

The two leaders win the race and smash the record of the event, in 58'19. Bart Swings (1st) and Ewen Fernandez (2nd) are nearly one minute under the previous record! They cross the line hand in hand. It's the 5th victory of Bart Swings in Bourgogne.

2 laps behind them, the pack prepare themselves for the sprint. Elphège Pédicone (FRA, AM Sports Dijon), tries to break away down the slope, but is caught up on. Skaters are ready for a mass sprint for the 3rd place. Peter Michaël is passed by Martin Ferrié (EOSkates), in front of Quentin Giraudeau (Rollerblade), and Timothy Loubineaud (subject to approval).

Martin Ferrié chipe la 3ème place à Peter Michael sur la ligne

Women's Category: Chloé Geoffroy Causes a Stir at the Sprint!

In the Women's race, Flavie Calandras and Maëlann Le Roux take the helm. The pack is dense and skates at a good pace. Katharina Rumpus strongly positions as part of the 11 skaters who have left the pack. Flavia Calandras breaks away several times in front of the Powerslide Team, for several minutes. Behind her, counter-attacks are getting organized. The skaters catch back up on her. Marine Lefeuvre and Juliette Pouydebat are also in the outpost.

Nobody manages to make the difference before the sprint. In the last lap, the pack slows down, and the skaters prepare themselves for the home stretch. Chloé Geoffroy starts from behind and overtakes her opponents in the ultimate 80 m. She gets her first World Cup victory for the Powerslide / Ligne Droite Team, finishing in front of Katharina Rumpus and Maëlann Leroux.

Chloé Geoffroy's Review

"It wasn't planned. I was tired, I had no energy left. And yet, on the inside of the bend down the slope, I let it all out, I gave it all I had. I played my card and stuck to it, although the home stretch was awfully long. I didn't falter, I held on until the finish line, and I won!"

Première victoire en Coupe du Monde pour Chloé Geoffroy




Main Results

Men's Results—Scratch

  1. Bart Swings (BEL, Powerslide/Matter)
  2. Ewen Fernandez (FRA, Powerslide/Matter)
  3. Martin Ferrié (FRA, EOSkates)
  4. Peter Michael (NZL, Powerslide/Matter)
  5. Quentin Giraudeau (FRA, Rollerblade)
  6. Timothy Loubineaud (RSGM Inline)
  7. Doucelin Pédicone (FRA, AM Sports)
  8. Julien Levrard (FRA, RSSP)
  9. Ondrej Suchy (CZH, Equipe nationale Tchèque)
  10. Alexander bastidas (VEN, WIC Single Athlète)
  11. Bastien Lhomme (FRA, Pôle France)
  12. Michal Prokop (CZH, Equipe nationale Tchèque)
  13. Adrian Kûng (WIC Single Athlete)
  14. Elphège Pédicone (FRA, AM Sports)
  15. Thibaut Fauconnet (FRA, RSDB)

Women's Results

  1. Chloé Geoffroy (FRA, Powerslide / Ligne Droite)
  2. Katharina Rumpus (GER, Powerslide/Matter)
  3. Maëlann Leroux (FRA, RAC Saint-Brieuc)
  4. Flavie Balandras (FRA, Lyon Roller Métropole)
  5. MailalenOnate Jimenez (ESP, Castellon Spain Roller Marathon)
  6. Ana Odlazek (WIC Single athlete)
  7. Marine Lefeuvre (Pôle France Nantes)
  8. Maureen Hays (ADEL RS)
  9. Jessica Gaudesaboos (Skatedump)
  10. Rina Von Burg (Rolling Stars)

Les podiums hommes et femmes


Full Results of the 2017 Dijon Skating Marathon

2017 Dijon Skating Marathon (France)

Thanks to Sylvie Geoffroy and Colin Morin
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