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Reviewing The Rudy Project "Sterling" Helmet

Reviewing The Rudy Project

Rudy Project is a company that has created and sells many different styles and models of helmets. The "Sterling" model is the one most popular amongst American speed skaters. Its sleek design and range of features make it a top selling helmet for many who speed skate.



Colors And Sizes Available

This Rudy Project helmet comes in multiple shapes and sizes. The two sizes available are "Small/Medium" and "Large." On the topic of colors, there are 10 different color combinations that can be selected, each including multiple colors. Some examples of these colors are below.

Rudy Project Sterling Helmet


Fastex Buckle SystemFastex Buckle System

This is an under the chin buckle that is simple to clip and unclip. It is designed to be ergonomically shaped and guarantee maximum stability.

Removable & Adjustable Head Ring

This helmet system can be adjusted to 3 different positions and allows the wearer to make sure the helmet is safely secured to their head.

Adjustable RSR7 Retention System

Adjustable retention system

This retention system assures that the helmet will not move when knocked or hit during activity. It is designed for security and comfort.

Interchangeable custom Padding

Interchangeable Custom Padding

Custom padding ensures that all individuals can use and be comfortable and safe in this helmet.

Removable Visor

The visor of Rudy Project helmets add another degree of safety, as well as enhancing the looks and functionality of the helmet.



This is the helmet that I currently train and race in. It fits well, with little to no room on the sides, meaning that the small/medium fits true to size. The pads on the inside are not too thick, but do not feel flimsy or not firm enough to offer good protection from impacts. The chin strap is highly adjustable, with more than enough extra strap to work with when tightening or loosening the helmet.

However, it can become complicated to adjust the helmet, and it cannot be done last minute before a race, as it takes time to loosen and adjust all of the components. Personally, I found the size and shape of the helmet to be very comfortable for me, not being too small or to big. Also, the pads inside the helmet are very comfortable and hold my helmet tight on my head. The degree of comfort that is offered with this helmet is what one should expect from a helmet of this price.

Removable visor


The entire point of wearing a helmet is to protect your head, and this helmet does that job very well. The first thing you notice with the Sterling helmet is how much sturdier it is than other helmets in a lower price range. The plastic casing on the outside seems to be much stronger and more durable than that of the others. This being the helmet that I race and train on, I have had the opportunity to see first hand how it handles in crashes, and the results are good. I have never ended up with a concussion while wearing this helmet, and I have been in pileups where other skaters have gotten a concussion. This helmet is not invincible, however, and I have broken one in the past. This is not a total drawback though, as it is not uncommon for helmets to break, regardless of the brand or model. Overall, the quality of the helmet and the padding inside as well as the casing outside make it a very strong and very protective piece of equipment.


Removable and Adjustable head ring

For $274.99, this is a very expensive piece of equipment. Many skaters have a difficult time coming up with this amount of money and look to the $50 recreational helmets instead. Despite the price of this helmet, it still reigns as one of the most popular models and brands amongst U.S. speed skaters. My advice for getting one would be to watch for sales and discounts that are offered in order to make the cost less of an issue. After training and racing on mine for over two years, I can say that I will not switch to any other helmet. It offers an ample amount of comfort, adjustability, protection, and style for inline speed skating.

Strong Points And Point to be Improved



+ Wide range of colors 
+ Highly Adjustable 
+ Very comfortable
+ High quality/Protective
+ Aesthetically pleasing



- Expensive
- Not quick to adjust

Technical Facts

Rudy ProjectBrand: Rudy Project
Model: Sterling
Available colors: black, white/blue, yellow fluo, red, pink/blue, green/blue, orange fluo/black shiny, white blue silver matte...
Public Price: $274.99
Weight: 320 grams
Package: With soft carrying bag, removable bug stop, free padding
Recommended Use: Speed skating, fitness skating, long distance skating

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