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Testing the Infinity Plus 125 DD Wheels by Powerslide

Testing the Infinity Plus 125 DD Wheels by Powerslide

The OLS Team has just tested a set of Dual Density Infinity Plus 125 DD wheels by Powerslide: here is our feedback...

By  Aurélien GACHET


Test des roues Powerslide Infinity 125 DD


The Powerslide Infinity Plus 125 DD have a classic blue hub with 8 straight spokes, wider at the center and thinner at the ends. It is very hollowed. The structure of the hub provides good overall rigidity while preserving comfort with good vibration damping. It is a dual density wheel.


The wheel measure exactly 125 mm. On the weight side, the scale indicates 196 grams, which places it in the high end of the wheels with this diameter. As for its width, it is close to 24 mm, which is the current norm.

Test des roues Powerslide Infinity 125 DD


Roue Powerslide Infinity DDMounting them is easy: you don't even have to press much to insert the bearings.

Test Protocol

The Infinity Plus 125 DD wheels by Powerslide were tested on 500 km of asphalt of varied quality, as well as on wet ground, during the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller.


The rolling sensations are good and the wheels are quiet. The dual density of the wheel provides good comfort. Their 88A hardness can be felt, but nothing too demanding for the skater.


The Infinity Plus 125 DD wheels by Powerslide have a good grip in varied circumstances. On wet grounds, the grip is acceptable. If you are part of the many skaters who rarely practice in the rain, this model is made for you!

Wear and Tear

The wear of the PS Infinity 125 DD is slow and even. And it is mainly due to its 88A density! After 500 km, the wheel's diameter had hardly reduced and the line was still visible.

Quality-Price Ratio

A set costs €89, and you get value for your money. It is even cheaper than some mono-density wheels by other brands!

Test des roues Powerslide Infinity 125 DD


Powerslide offers a dual density wheel model at a very interesting price. It is perfectly suitable for fitness skaters or speed skating beginners. It is one of the best models of dual density mid-range wheels in the market. It is part of the segment that is just under the Matter Image.

Test des roues Powerslide Infinity 125 DD

Strong Points and Points to Be Improved



+ Comfortable and quiet
+ Quality-Price Ratio
+ Even Wear



- Weight

Technical Facts

Brand: Powerslide
Model: Infinity Plus 125 DD
Year: 2017
Made in: Germany
Hardness: 88A
Available Diameter: 125 mm
Hub Diameter: 83.5 mm
Weight: 196 g
Bearings: 608
Public Price: €15/u.
Recommended Use: Fitness and leisure speed skating


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Test: Sanglier76
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