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Cristian Losio : Inline Alpine Italian Champion

Cristian Losio : Inline Alpine Italian Champion

Cristian Losio (Italy) is a professional Inline Alpine skater. The Italian Champion will take part in the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in China...

By  Aurélien GACHET


Hello, Cristian, can you introduce yourself?

Hello everyone ! My name is Cristian and I am a professional skater from the Italian National Team FISR. I am 28 years. In life besides skating I teach skating in my team and in several European teams, I'm also a personal trainer in a gym close to home where I collaborate ...

How did you start to skate?

I started to skate as a kid and very soon I realized that skating was my life.

Why did you choose inline alpine ?

I chose Alpine rollers because I'm a former skier so it was the closest discipline

Have you tried other skating practices?

Certainly! I've been part of the powerslide Team in italy and I did marathons.

Tell us some words about your skates...

Now I use a Bont boot which is very hard and high, with a carbon shell. That allows me to get better in the curves. The support of the ankle is excellent.

Who are your sponsors?

My main sponsors are Bont Skates, Vitamaker, Ruroc, Legea, Gipron

What are your goals for 2017 World Roller Games?

My goals are to get into the top three in the senior men's category and to  stand atop the podium in the team's race.

What is your project for the future?

My project for the future is to spin the World with the support of my sponsors and to make my sport known to all the people I meet.

Free speech: if you want to add something...

I would like to add that I am the living proof that nothing can be achieved from now on if anything is desired ... the only thing that makes the difference between a champion and a loser is only perseverance.

Facts sheet

Name: Cristian Losio
Date of birth: 16/05/1989
Place of birth: Domodossola
Size: 1'75
Weight: 70kg
Country: Italy
Residence: Verbania
First steps on skates: 7 years old
Category: Senior Men
Study / Work: skating
Strength: I get stronger and stronger
Weakness: they are permalous
Other sports: Gym for skating
The last movie seen: The great beauty
Favorite music: Reggaeton, Rap, Rock
Video Games: None
Books: -
I like: Good food, work out, watching a movie when it rains and it's cold, taking care of my girlfriend and my family
I do not like: angry and quarrel ... I want to solobpace around me and in the world ... the world just needs tranquility
Quality: I am strong and generous tough
Defect: everlasting and sometimes moody
Team: Italian National Team
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
Alcohol or fruit juice? Fruit juice all your life
Beach or mountains? Beaches near the mountains as in Italy by me
Morning or evening? Evening at sunset
Cheese or dessert? Cheese
Rap, metal or techno? Rap
Football or rugby? Rugby


  • 12 absolute Italian titles in Special Slalom
  • Italian Champion in Giant Slalom
  • Italian Champion in Parallel Slalom
  • 5th place in the overall ranking of the 2016 World Cup
  • Champion of Italy 2017
  • 4th place in the overall ranking of the 2017 World Cup (7th in Germany, 6th in Poland, 3rd in Czech Republic, 9th in Spain)


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