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The self-portrait of Massimiliano Losio (Italy)

The self-portrait of Massimiliano Losio (Italy)

Self-portrait of Massimiliano Losio (Italy), professional inline alpine skater, coming back from the 2017 World Roller Games...


Massimiliano Losio by himself

Massimiliano Lisio

Hello, I'm Massimiliano Losio and I'm 23 years old. I live in Domodossola, 80 Km from Milan (Italy). I am a professional athlete and I belong to the Italian National FISR of Inline Alpine. I'm also an official athlete of Bonefight being a Top Dog.
I started skating at home, having watched several movies on the internet. I fell in love with the Inline Alpine and since that day it has become my life.

I was an ex skier and struck me as a discipline that at this point I thought much more spectacular and adrenaline than Alpine skiing.

In the winter they are also in the official team of Sled Dogs Snowskates being a Top Dog, participating in the Bonefight Championship.
It's been two years since I'm sponsored by Mariani Skates, with whom I'm creating a shoe for the Inline Alpine.
The skate is high and well supports the ankle allowing me to make great curves and push at any time.

Massimiliano Lisio

My sponsors are: Vitamaker, Mariani Skates, Gipron, Ruroc, Sled Dogs Snowskates, Càdomotus, Dr. Gino Felici Nutritionist.

After my last podiums in the World Cup, I know I can do very well, but of course, each race is different. When I'm at the start gate, my goal will be just and only the podium but anyway it will be a wonderful experience. For the future I have many things to do and I'm already working now.

In the Roller Games, it had been years since I did not see such a bad race and despite my descent where I made the best time, I think it was a very dangerous race and who decided to do it on that road does not understand anything. the numerous exits and injuries tell her long. a real disappointment

The creation of materials for Inline Alpine, in fact, is already working with several Italian shoe-making companies, body protectors (Bodice, shorts, gloves, elbows), sticks, helmet, frames, bearings E body.
In addition to designing materials for Inline Alpine, I will try to spread our discipline all over the world, together with my sponsors and federations or the FISR.

Massimiliano Lisio

My family does not have a lot of money and of course the difficulties of life are felt many days, but I've never stopped dreaming. I'm just a few days away from Roller Games! Event that will help me for my future and for all my family.

My advice is to never stop struggling for your dreams, because mental strength is one that distinguishes a sample from almost champion.

Massimiliano Lisio


Technical facts

Massimiliano LisioName: Massimiliano Losio
Date of birth: 24/01/1994
Place of birth: Domodossola
Size: 1m84
Weight: 103 kg
Country: Italy
Residence: Piedimulera
First steps on skates: 10 years old
Category: Senior Men
Study / Work: skating
Strength: Mental and physical
Weakness: fragility
Other sports: Skating rink, Sled Dogs Snowskates, workout in nature
The last movie seen: Fifty shades of black
Favorite music: Old music, Zen music, nature music, pop
Video Games: Assassin's Creed, Dante's Inferno, Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Ninja Gaiden.
Now I am working on creating my video games, creating them personally
Books: Excalibur
I like: I like Italian, Chinese and Japanese food, stay with my girlfriend and my family, Christmas, hiking in the mountains and the woods, staying with my cat and dog, playing video games, creating sports materials and going to the markets Christmas
I do not like: I do not like the plain, the rain, quarreling, staying at home doing nothing.
Quality: I'm strong physically, generous, sweet and quiet
Defect: Slow to do jobs, and stubborn
Team: Italian National Inline Alpine FISR, Sled Dogs Snowskates Bonefight
Languages: Italian and little English
Alcohol or fruit juice? Forever fruit juice
Beach or mountains? I love to stay in my mountains, relax and I can meditate
Morning or evening? I love the whole day
Cheese or dessert? Seasoned cheese
Rap, metal or techno? Rap
Football or rugby? Rugby


  • 10 titles of Italian Champion category
  • 2 titles of European Champion Under 16
  • 1st for the World Cup 2016 season and finished 2nd overall.
  • In the best 3 in the world since 2016.
  • In top 10 from 2014.
  • Several podiums also in this 2017 World Cup season.
  • 2nd at the Special European Championship of Slalom Special 2017.
  • 3rd at the European Paralympic Slalom Special Championship 2017


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Passionné de roulettes devant l'éternel, le jour j'écume le bitume. Si je me crashe, si je tombe, ma peau s'arrache mais pas mon coeur de roller !

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