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Interview with Scott Meyer, jammer of Saint-Louis Gatekeepers

Interview with Scott Meyer, jammer of Saint-Louis Gatekeepers

Interview de Scott Meyer (Saint-Louis Gatekeepers), one of the best jammers in the 2017 MRDA Champs which was held in Cardiff (GBR) from October 2017, 13th to 15th.

By  Alexandre CHARTIER


Scott MeyerHello Scott, thank you for your time. Is it getting harder and harder to win this MRDA title year after year?

Each year has had its own challenges. The first year we had to get the monkey off of our backs of having disappointing Champs the previous three years. The second year, Des Moines brought in a bunch of high level players right before Champs and that was tough to overcome. This year, Portland came hungry and strong. It was even odds on who would win. I feel very fortunate we were able to pull it off this year.

How do you describe the human experience to achieve this?

My preparation for Champs involves routine and consistency. Training year round at practice and at the gym requires a long term vision of obtaining goals. I am not one for peaks and valleys in drive. I keep chipping away and grinding out training time and, when Champs comes a long, I know I have done everything I can to prepare. That takes a lot of stress off in big games.

European teams start to show up?

They are for sure! What a great showing this year. Hard work pays off and it is clear European teams are putting in the time.

What do you think about it?

Scott MeyerIt is great for the sport to have more committed and competitive teams. It makes Champs very interesting. I love it!

You have an impressive jammer style, what do you specificly work to get this level?

I try to be unpredictable and well rounded as a threat. I don't want to rely on one move to get out. I use set ups to keep people guessing and try to stretch my attacks sideline to sideline so blockers can't overload one side on me.

What is your background as a skater ?

I was lucky to be in grade school when in-line skates were first invented. My friends and I skated everywhere. I played a lot of roller hockey growing up too. Before starting the GateKeepers, I was a referee for Arch Rival for three years so that was huge in giving me the quad skating experience along with learning the intricacies of the game.

Or from another world?

Ha! Just planet St. Louis. 

Thank you!

Scott Meyer


Photos : Paul Jones Photography Cardiff
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