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Reviewing The XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses

Reviewing The XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses

The Hawaii1 sunglasses are one of many models made by the company XX2i optics. The glasses' sleek design, effective performance, and aesthetic qualities have rendered them a constant presence in the athletic and skating world. Here is how they function from a speed skaters perspective.


The Hawaii Model

The Hawaii model sunglasses, made by XX2i Optics, include a variety of frame and lens colors. The pair that is the subject of this review is the Hawaii1 Matte White with Polar Grey Lenses. Other glasses of the same frame include the Hawaii Matte Black with Polar Grey Lenses, and the Hawaii Matte Tortoise with Polar Brown Lenses. These glasses are a performance model, designed for performance athletes.

XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses


Adjustment - The Hawaii1 sunglasses come with a multitude of features that are designed to make them effective during competition and athletic activity. They are made with a lightweight but sturdy frame and adjust to any face shape using a bendable nose piece and rubber temple arms. This ensures that they will not move or slide on the athlete's face when being worn. I talk a little more about my experience with these features below.

Lenses - The lenses for the Hawaii1 come as a "polar gray" or "polar brown" color. They are also polarized. I wear the polar gray, admittedly just because I like the way they look.

Carrying Case and Pouch - The Hawaii1 sunglasses come with a carrying case and pouch when purchased. This is a very nice addition as it makes it easy to protect and carry the glasses wherever you go. In my experience, most high-end sunglasses come with a decent case, and these are no different.


XX2i Hawaii1 SunglassesAs a speed skater, it is important that all of your equipment is secure on your body and not in danger of falling off at any point in a race, or even at practice. These are the glasses that I train and race in, and they provide that security. They do not fall off when skating long distances at a smooth pace, and stay tight in a sprint, but they can slide a bit during a start if they are not tightened before hand. This is not a big problem, however, as they do not move when adjusted prior to performing a start.


These are very comfortable glasses. They fit well and are very lightweight; and are not distracting or unpleasant to wear. They also look very good, the carbon fiber arms and opposing colors of the matte white model that I use make them a very pretty pair of sunglasses.


These sunglasses do exactly what they supposed to do, keep the sun out of your eyes, and they do it very well. The lenses provide ample protection from the sun at any time of day. They can be worn during the brightest part of the day as well as during an afternoon training session when it is starting to get dim outside, allowing you to see perfectly in all conditions. The only discomfort was that, in the beginning, the lenses seemed a bit short vertically. If you move your eyes down, the bottom half of your vision is not covered. I quickly became used to this, however, and it is not a problem.


The Hawaii1 sunglasses by XX2i Optics are very good. They are highly adjustable, stay secure to your face, and offer very good protection from the sun during any time of day. They are also very fashionable and make you look very professional. There are several different colors to choose from and, if you decide you like the company, several other sunglasses' models to look into. The price of these glasses is also very good, being $124.99. This is very reasonable for a high end pair of brand name sunglasses. The Hawaii1 offer all the fashion, security, comfort, and effectiveness needed for the intensity of inline speed skating.

XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses

Strong Points And Points To Be Improved



+ Highly Adjustable
+ Very reasonably priced
+ Comfortable/Secure
+ Effective/Good protection from the sun
+ Aesthetically pleasing



 - move during starts if not tightened
 - Takes time to get used to lens length

Technical Facts

XX2i Hawaii1 SunglassesBrand: XX2i Optics
Model: Hawaii1
Public Price: $124.99
Package: Comes with case and pouch
Recommended Use: Speed skating, fitness skating, recreational skating, outdoor activity


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