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Shane and Kalon Dobbin (NZL), founders of Arma Racing

Shane and Kalon Dobbin (NZL), founders of Arma Racing

Interview with Shane and Kalon Dobbin, former inline speed-skating World Champions, about the brand Arma Racing, founded in 2014.



When and how did you start the company?

Kalon et Shane DobbinIn 2014 we started Arma because after spending many years of developing products for other brands, Kalon and I decided that we wanted to have more creative freedom so we could design and develop skating products without any restrictions. Our initial goal was to create the fastest wheel in the world and by the middle of 2014 our first wheel had broken the mens 300m TT World Record, used by Simon Albretch. For 2015, 2016 and 2017 every Mens World Champion in the 300m TT have used Arma wheels and the majority of Females have won using Arma wheels. We are very proud of 'speed wheel' but now we have set a new challenge of creating the best long distance wheel. We worked very hard in 2017 on this goal and we are continuing this developing and Arma Racingtesting into 2018.

How did you choose the name Arma?

Inline Speed Skating is an international sport with many different languages spoken so we wanted our brand name to be recognisable in multiple different languages and countries. We believe that a race is like going into battle and your wheels are the most important weapon you have.

Where is the headquarter?

We split our headquarter between Germany and Australia.

Where are the wheels manufactured?

Arma wheels are manufactured in California, USA by AEND Industries.

Is there a cooperation with other brands?

Yes, we have an agreement with Powerslide. They are our European warehousing and logistics partners.

I heard about a development team...

Thats correct. We also have a development team: Kierryn Hughes, Nadja Wenger, Oliver Grob, Flavio Gross.

What kind of cooperation is there between the Arena Geisingen and Arma?

We are cosponsors of the arena geisingen Arma racing team. We partnered in 2014 and have grown our relationship over the past 4 years. We are very happy and proud to be partnered with such a great organisation. This also allows our team skaters to not only train on the fastest track in the world but they can also train all year round on the indoor bank track facility. We couldn't ask for better conditions for training and also testing new products.

The hub of Arma wheels (such as Armageddon) looks like Atom wheels. Do the wheels come from the same factories?

The Armageddon wheels and hub design was developed by Arma and Aend Industries. The Atom 125mm wheel looks very similar, however it is not the same hub/wheel and it is not manufactured by Aend Industries.

Patineur Arma Racing en action


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