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Portrait: Eric Schrijn - pro rider K2 en 2005

Portrait: Eric Schrijn - pro rider K2 en 2005

Portrait: Eric Schrijn - pro rider K2 en 2005


Eric Schrijn

Resides: Escondido, California

Years rolling: 12

Eric Schrijn is a street skating legend. He is one of the true innovators of rolling and one of the best personalities and ambassadors rollerblading has to offer. Eric's signature style was shown to the world in VG4 and after countless video sections Eric has shown the ability to re-invent style and get more tech then ever. Eric is part of the original Esco Zoo Crew and owns Esco Zoo Media along with Robert Levianos. Eric skates for K2, Eulogy Wheels, Crap Bearings, Division Clothing, and Rock 'N' Roll Skate shop.

K2: Eric, you have been rolling for 12 years now... How did you get involved?

ES: I got my first blades from my mom. I guess she wanted me to stay out of trouble, I would say I was around 13.

K2: Has there been one person you can single out that has helped you get to where you are today in skating?

ES: If there was anybody who helped me to go from not being noticed to being in magazines it would have to be Chris Edwards, he da man.

K2 : What advice do you have for kids out there who want to be the next big thing in rollerblading?

ES: I got some advice for the kids out there, stop being greedy, not everything is for free. Sometimes you got to work hard to get somthing, and when the work is done, you appreciate better. Hell, I'm still working.

K2: Who are your other sponsors?

ES: Eulogy, Crap bearings, Esco Zoo Media

K2: What hobbies do you have outside of skating?

ES: Filming and editing.

K2: Do you have a day job?

ES: Yes, being a pro in this crazy industry! And latelty I've been doing some stuff for T-Mobile. 


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