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Takeshi Yasutoko - Japanese ramp rider

Takeshi Yasutoko - Japanese ramp rider

Interview with Takeshi Yasutoko, one of the most famous Japanese ramp rider in the history of skating.

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Interview with Takeshi Yasutoko by K2 (2005)

Hello Takeshi, where are you from?

Kobe, Japan

How long have you been skating?

15 years.

How did you get started skating?

Both my parents were professional roller skaters, so it was natural to start skating at an early age.

How have you seen skating change over the years?

I think it is getting a better recognition worldwide. Especially in Asia, there is more popularity. I hope the trend will continue.

What Vert or Street skaters get you the most juiced to skate?

I would like to say... Since my goal is to air higher than anyone else, I do my best to achieve the goal. I skate both at vert' and street, which I enjoy very much.

What has been your best travel experience?

Sydney in Australia had such a beautiful scenary, and I was so impressed with the Great Wall of China. Los Angeles is my favorite place because I feel very comfortable there. I cannot pick only one experience...

What has been your worst travel experience?

When I went to England, we had to sleep in a packed camping car, and on a demo day, we had rain and its schedule was messed up. It was not a pleasant experience.

What do you consider to be the best skate park? Why?

I love the Woodward the best. The facility is well maintananced, and more than anything else, they had a great half-pipe, which is very smooth to skate.

How do you learn a new trick?

Some of the stuff you are doing is so crazy is there a method you follow to learn some of your new high risk tricks? When I come up with new ideas, I just try as soon as I have an idea. It is always scary to try new tricks, but when I suceed, I feel so great.

Who do you skate with when you aren't traveling?

I skate at the G SKATES PARK which my parents run. I skate with my brother and visitors in the park.

What do you like to do when your skates are off?

I like going shopping with friends or just relax in my room. Since I have a hectic schedule, I really enjoy day-off.

What is your advice for the young rollers out there?

I think it is very important to wear protectors to improve because an injury could hurt you and you might lose motivation. The best thing is to enjoy skating with your friends!


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