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Test of the Inline Speed-Skating Hydrogen Pro 125mm X-Firm wheel

Test of the Inline Speed-Skating Hydrogen Pro 125mm X-Firm wheel

Rollerblade has sent us a set of their latest speed roll Hydrogen Pro 125mm X-Firm wheel. This model has a double core and is manufactured in the USA. The professional Inline-Speed Team skates on it during competitions. Impressions...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Technical data

Brand: Rollerblade
Year: 2018
Made in: USA
Hardness: 86A
Diameter: 125,3mm
Available sizes: 110 and 125mm
Available hardnesses: X-Firm (green 85A) and XX-Firm (blue)
Weight: 178g
Price: one set: 199,95€, single rolls: 33,30€, 180€ Club price
Recommended use: Inline speed skating on level surfaces

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Low weight
  • The processing
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Slow wear and tear


  • High price
  • Low grip on wet ground
  • Little available in France

Detailed test

Presentation of the Hydrogen Pro

Roue Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro 125The Hydrogen Pro wheel is produced in cooperation with the TLTF company for Rollerblade. The design of the core is however the same as that of the US American Halo Indoor wheel.

The thickness of the inner flexible polyurethane can be seen from the connection between the core and the rubber of the roller. It is the first wheel to have the flexible polyurethane across the entire width of the core: Normally roll manufacturers use only a narrow insert. This results in a thicker overall profile and increases grip, especially in the curves. This compensates for the stiffness of the core, which consists of polymer and glass fiber. The core consists of straight and concave spokes to maintain the flexibility of the roller in the curves.


The Hydrogen Rollers weigh 178g. They are therefore rather light for wheels of this size. This light weight must be attributed to the large core and the long spokes. We measured the diameter at 125.3mm.
At the sight of the wheel, we adjusted to a very stiff wheel. The wheel is very stiff, but the double stiffness construction compensates this well. (It still remains stiffer than an MPC Big Black Magic, for example). The fact that the flexible part of the roll is distributed over the entire core is rather good.

Rolling resistance

You can feel that the flexible material is slightly compressed during the impression. However, this does not give the same shaky feeling as comparable models on the market. The X-Firm wheel retains its rolling feel on uneven surfaces and the XX-Firm wheel is preferred on smooth surfaces. The wheel has less inertia than heavier rollers such as the MPC Black Magic or Matter G13.
It is very stable at high speeds. It performs best at speeds over 40 km/h. If you squeeze the roll, you get a good energy feedback.


Coupe d'une roue Rollerblade Hydrogen ProYou have a good grip without losing too much energy through rolling resistance on dry ground. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use it on wet ground, as it is even better to ride on eggs.


Thanks to its light weight it is easy to accelerate the Hydrogen Pro wheel.


With 200€ per set (33,30€ per wheel) the Hydrogen Pro goes to the top of the price list of 125mm wheels. It is worth mentioning the more expensive aluminium Bont wheel, at 40€ per wheel. The price of the MPC Black Magic is 30€ per wheel and is therefore a good competition. We are always talking about the normal prices for the public. For clubs lower prices are possible.


The Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro is a good alternative to the other classic wheels on the market. The professional team skaters have already won numerous races on these wheels. Rollerblade managed to return to the roller market in the Speed department with this wheel. Despite its good quality, it is still not available in France.

Presentation video of the Hydrogen reel by Yann Guyader (in English)


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