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Inline speed skating wheels: what are the differences between mono and dual-density wheels?

Inline speed skating wheels: what are the differences between mono and dual-density wheels?

We met Yann Guyader who is the product manager in Rollerblade and he explained us the difference between insert-wheels and interlock-wheels...


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The main differences of the wheels

Better roll:

There is a difference referring to the performance as the interlock-wheel will feet stiffer. You can explain that with the different design of the wheels. In this wheel there is an interlock system which connects the core in two anker points to the polyurethane (PU). This leads to the stiffness.

The insert-wheel will have a better roll, even if the core can be built softer, with using a harder material for the facing material. This system makes it possible to skate on various surfaces.

Anatomie d'une roue de roller avec noyau et sur-noyau

Better comfort:

Everything depends on the hardness of the wheel: the insert wheel will always feel more comfortable then the interlock-wheel. It has a soft insert (60-65 A) which cushions bumps and rough surfaces.

Faster use:

Anatomie d'une roue de roller double densitéIn general the insert-wheels get used faster than the interlock-wheels because of major grip. It causes a greater friction and a faster wear.

Better grip:

Due to the use of two types of PUR densities it is possible to increase the grip. The wheel is bending during the pushes in the corners and the straight lines and this is the way how the grip of the insert-wheel is formed. Due to this reason the interlock-wheel needs to get its grip with a different PU mixture.

Price: the insert wheel is more expensive!

The insert-wheel can cost twice as much as the interlock-wheel because it needs special designed molds in the production. The production takes more time because its layers are made in two steps and by hand.

Which advantages and disadvantages for track and road?

The insert-wheel shows more effects on road and track. The wheels need more grip on track and a better roll on the road. The quality needs to be more determined on track because on track you don't have the use of the big group effect as much as on road races like marathon.

By now you understood the main advantages and disadvantages of the insert-wheel. Even if they are more expensive you will never change back after the first use!


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