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The use of stride control on skates

The use of stride control on skates

You can frequently see skaters skating on their inner edge. If the problem can not be solved by a good frame positioning or tying the skates, then you can use stride control...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Some explanations from Christophe Audoire

"Using stride control to improve the position" – by Alexandre Chartier

Cause of pain and diagnosing pain

A deficient positioning of the frame or not tying the skates enough can be the reason for a bad skating-position and causes worse results. It can be the reason for:

  • Knee pain
  • Achilles tendon injury and bunion
  • Bad influence on the technique
  • Worse performances

Stride control as last solution

If the boot fits well and the frame is in a good position you can use stride control to solve your problem. You can also use orthopaedic arch support.

Stride control mounting

  • Take off the wheels to get access to the frame
  • Take off the frame
  • If you own a Powerslide frame, just put the stride control into the provided holes
  • If you don't own a Poweslide frame, you will need to drag off the knobs
  • Put the frame back on your boot and make sure the stride control doesn't slip

Hint: use this possibility to put some screw locking vanish.

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