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Test of the Cadomotus Soft Flask

Test of the Cadomotus Soft Flask

Cadomotus brought a very deformable drink bottle on the market which is being used by many skaters. The Dutch company sent us some samples for testing. Here, you will read about our first impressions after using it few weeks.

By  Aurélien GACHET

The Cadomotus Soft Flask in the testing

Soft Flask Cadomotus

The nutrition during races is mostly very problematically. It is not easy to get a bottle from the outside when you are at a highspeed. It costs a lot of energy to leave the pack and to get back. Taking a 33cl or 50cl bottle with you before the race is not convenient either: die bottle gets squeezed against your body, pulls the suit and gets hit by other skaters. It is bulky and annoying.

Advantage of a soft bottle

Cadomotus created a drinking bottle that you will be able to put in your suit easily. Its deformable nature allows no pressure marks and adapts perfectly to the body form. It is a win of comfort and aerodynamic. You can either put it in your pocket or in the collar, where lots of athletes like to carry their bottles. Die bottle is a bit see-through so you can always check the amount of content.

No screw cap but a pacifier

To drink out of the bottle you will need to bite on the pacifier. This system is a lot more convenient then the systems of other bottles where you will still need to screw the cap. The less content is in the bottle, the more it will shrink. This avoids the fact of water swinging around in a half empty bottle. A simple idea which had to be had! You will not lose any time anymore by screwing the cap and you will not have any risk to lose the cap anymore.


To reduce the plastic taste, you will need to wash the bottle throughout before the first use. Clean the bottle after every use. Think about letting some fresh air in to get it dry. For a better clean-up you can use vinegar to wash it out from time to time.

What about the opponents?

Some researches gave us following results:
- A deformable drinking bottle for trail running from Kalenji (9€ with the same content) the material is not processed as well as the one of Cadomotus, but is available in various sizes
- Soft flask of Salomon, same price for the same size
- Camelback Quick Show Flask – 19,45€ for 0,5l


Due to the size, it is only useful for races no longer than a marathon distance. For longer races we recommend a bigger bottle... although you have someone to fill you up the bottle during the race. Referring to the price, it is in the upper price category. Maybe Cadomotus will reduce the price in a few months?

Soft Flask Cadomotus

Technical information

Brand: Cadomotus
Year: 2018
Model: Soft Flask
Material: silicon pacifier
Size: 250ml
Price: 14,50€
Order in France: Cadomotus.fr
Recommended use: mostly for marathons

Advantages and disadvantages


  • No screw cap
  • Doesn't need much space
  • Light weight



  • High price
  • Small size
  • Regular care


Cadomotus shop

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