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We checked out the pumptrack for you: pumptrack on skates

We checked out the pumptrack for you: pumptrack on skates

In the past 20 years, skateparks appeared everywhere in France. Lately, a new kind of skateparks got very successful in the municipalities: the pump track...


Skating is possible on pump tracks!

What is a pumptrack?

A pump track is a closed road course which are full of bumps and banked corners. Originally, pump tracks got built out of firm subsoils to organize exclusive BMX races.
Since 2015 you can find concrete pump tracks in France with a modular shape, so it is possible to skate on it. The degree of difficulty depends on the height and the frequency of the bumps and corners. Some combinations are created for jumps (double or triple bumps) as you can see on the list of the jumps.


La piste rouge du pumptrack de Pessac


Which sport equipment is useful to go on a pumptrack?

Depending on the surface of the pumptrack, it is either suited for bigger wheels (mountain-, bike, BMX) or for any size of wheel: freeride-, inline-, or street – skates, kids scooter, city- or freestyle -scooters, skate- and longboards, cruiser, BMX, mountain bikes...

Which is the principle of the pump tracks?

The idea of a pumptrack is to use the track shape to get faster through pumping movement with the legs.

Luc Bourdin dans le pumptrack de Pessac


Which technical qualities are demanded to skate on a pumptrack?

The bumps allow a well-directed work on technical and physical abilities.

- Balance: the irregular bumps and corners force the skaters into a stable position and to keep their body vertical to the ground.
- Agility and reflexes: You'll very rarely be alone on a pump track, so you'll learn quickly how to evade others in spite of the hard circumstances.
- Physical aspects: after few laps, the cardiovascular system and your legs will be well worn, so you'll need to take a break.
- Coordination: the coordination of the pumping movement is challenging due to the connection of upper body and leg movement.
The main point still is to have fun on skates!

Which level is needed to skate on a pumptrack?

The only technical precondition is to reach the highest point of the pumps. There is no defined level you need, because the skater will increase his speed thank to improving his technique. In general, it is recommended to start with lower speed on an easier track. Normally they are marked like in ski areas with green, blue and red lines.
This sport park is versatile used regarding to equipment and technical abilities.

Luc Bourdin dans le pumptrack de Pessac


Advices for a safe start:

  • Firstly: wear protections (helmet, knee-, hand- and elbow- protections)
  • Start with slow speed on an easier track. After a while you'll be able to increase the speed.
  • Bend forward and stay compact. It will help you to keep your body stable.

Which skates are the best to skate on a pump track?

Freestyle skates are the most suitable to skate on a pumptrack, because they are built with a stable shell and mostly come with 80mm to 110mm wheels. But this doesn't mean you can't try out other models!

Where can I find pump tracks?

In France there are hundreds of pump tracks and you can search them on sportland.fr.

Luc Bourdin dans le pumptrack de Pessac

Some pump track producers

Protracks | Bike solutions | Playgones | Protec Sport | USEFrance | Vélo Solutions

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